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[Poetry Friday] Wild Geese by Mary Oliver


Fats here.

Last week, I shared two poems by Alice Walker that, in Myra’s words, gave a “militant feel” to my Poetry Friday post. Today’s poem, however, has a softer, more delicate tone. This week has been quite exhausting for me, mostly because of lack of sleep. I was browsing my Facebook feed earlier and saw someone posted Wild Geese by Mary Oliver. Her words comforted me. Wild Geese wasn’t the poem I initially had in mind to share today but I thought perhaps some of us could use a big whiff of magic from Mary Oliver’s words.

Poetry Friday is hosted this week by Amy at The Poem Farm!



As an added bonus, here is a video of Mary Oliver reading Wild Geese. Enjoy!

2 comments on “[Poetry Friday] Wild Geese by Mary Oliver

  1. Drangonfly

    beautiful poem. We get a LOT of wild geese at home because we live on the water [a big pond]. I love them! I loved the verse “tell me about despair; yours, and I will tell you mine”


  2. That is a fabulous poem! 🙂


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