Speed Dating Picturebooks from around the world



I have been invited to do a talk this Saturday, 18 February, on speed dating picturebooks from around the world for the EAST Librarians Knowledge Sharing Workshop 2017 (LKSW2017) to be held at the United World College Southeast Asia. I thought I better post this a few days early to ensure that my QR Code works – and to provide more time for the conference participants (and our readers) to go through the titles here. 

So, Welcome and Get Voting, Intrepid Librarians! Choose your top THREE titles across each SEL domain/subdomain.

(1) Self-Awareness

Identification of Emotions

Self and Family

Self and Identity, Self-efficacy, recognizing one’s worth, self-transformation

(2) Self-Management

Stress Management, Dealing with Death and Depression

Pursuit of Dreams, Creativity, Play, Imagination, Vagaries of Memory

(3) Social Awareness

Global Citizenship, Appreciating Diversity, Respect For Others

Portrayal of Special Needs, Different Abilities

(4) Relationship Management

Children in Transition, Moving, Making Friends, Resolving Conflicts

Relationship With Books

(5) Responsible Decision Making

Providing service to the community: Bringing Story, Magic, and Joy

Human Rights Advocacy, Social Justice, Personal Moral and Ethical Responsibility

  1. Love love love these books. I want them all!!



  2. […] idea is for them to vote for their top three favourite titles across the subdomains. This is the original post with the poll results, and a sample of how it appears when you click View Results – I love […]



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