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[GatheringReaders] Children’s Book Choices in 2017


Myra here.

I just met up with my GatheringReaders book club participants at the Jurong West Public Library last Sunday, 15th of January. Usually our first meeting at the beginning of the year has to do with book nominations as we consider which titles would be great for us to read for the whole year.


I must have booktalked around 40 titles, and as per usual, I am immensely grateful to action-packed yet concise book trailers.



February-March: Fantasy

Here are some of the titles I book talked:

Children’s Choice: February


Virtual Meeting: 05 February,

Face-to-Face Meeting: 12 February, JWPL, 11-12 nn

Children’s Choice: March


Virtual Meeting: 05 March,

Face-to-Face Meeting: 12 March, JWPL, 11-12 nn

April – May: Graphic Novels

Since April and May are usually examination months, I thought having the kids read something a little lighter would be best. And so I showed the trailers for the following books:

Children’s Choice: April


Virtual Meeting: 09 April,

Face-to-Face Meeting: 16 April, JWPL, 11-12 nn

Children’s Choice: May


Virtual Meeting: 07 May,

Face-to-Face Meeting: 14 May, JWPL, 11-12 nn

June – July (Virtual Discussion): Suspense/Mystery

Since I will be away during this period, we are having a virtual book club discussion here at GatheringBooks, where else?

Children’s Choice: June


Virtual Meeting: 11 June,

Children’s Choice: July


Virtual Meeting: 16 July,

August – September: Award-Winning Novel

Children’s Choice: August


Virtual Meeting: 06 August,

Face-to-Face Meeting: 13 August, JWPL, 11-12 nn

Children’s Choice: September


Virtual Meeting: 10 September,

Face-to-Face Meeting: 17 September, JWPL, 11-12 nn

October – November: Contemporary Realistic Fiction/ Dystopian

Children’s Choice: October


Virtual Meeting: 08 October,

Face-to-Face Meeting: 15 October, JWPL, 11-12 nn

Children’s Choice: November


Virtual Meeting: 05 November,

Face-to-Face Meeting: 12 November, JWPL, 11-12 nn

December: Book Exchange

For the end of the year, I decided for us to take it easy and not really discuss one particular book, but to have a book exchange to celebrate reading.


03 December: Book Exchange, JWPL, 11-12 nn

And so to sum up our schedule for the year, here it is:


To all our friends at GatheringBooks, do join us in our virtual book club discussion if you feel like sharing your thoughts about any of these titles. The more, the merrier.

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