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[Nonfiction Wednesday] “Listen to Birds” – The Nonfiction Picturebook for All Ages

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Fats here.

We are delighted to join the Nonfiction Picture Book meme 2016 hosted by Alyson Beecher @ Kid Lit Frenzy. We would also be linking our nonfiction choices with our reading themes throughout the year.


Written by Ana Gerhard
Illustrated by Cecilia Varela
Published by The Secret Mountain (2013)
ISBN-10: 2923163893
ISBN-13: 978-2923163895

This magical picturebook found its way to me one morning at work, in the midst of answering phone calls and helping out on the front desk. Cecilia Varela’s cover illustration alone has captured my heart. The delicate style reminded me of the gorgeous works by Lisbeth Zwerger, Giselle Potter, and Isabelle Arsenault.


The book begins with an introduction about birds. Ana Gerhard explains how birds possess remarkable qualities that people admire. One of these is the birds’ ability to sing. Unlike humans, birds do not have vocal cords. They have a special organ that allows them to produce a wide range of sounds. It is this special ability that inspired music composers like Mozart, Schubert, Vivaldi, and Tchaikovsky, to name a few.

In this book, readers will find 20 musical selections inspired by bird songs. Each features a type of bird, an explanation about the song, and what instruments were used to replicate the melodies of the bird songs. Your reading experience would not be complete without listening to the music CD that came with the book! It’s a magical treat for children and adults!


Winner of the Parents’ Choice Gold Award, Listen to the Birds is an exceptional book to introduce classical music to kids. It comes with illustrations, explanatory notes, biographies, and a glossary of musical terms. The CD features minute-long excerpts of classical music performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, the Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra, and the Toronto Chamber Orchestra. This little treasure of a book would charm artists, musicians, and even bird enthusiasts.

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  1. That’s awesome! I’ll definitely look into this! 🙂


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