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[IYL Finds | Poetry Friday] Moving One’s Hands To Touch the Skies in Jorge Luján and Mandana Sadat’s Poetry Book for Kids

poetry friday

Myra here.

I am excited to join the Poetry Friday community this week with another picturebook that I discovered from the International Youth Library in Munich and which I purchased for our research project here in Singapore. Poetry Friday is hosted this week by Jone from Check It Out.


I also feel that the book captures the spirit of magic and make-believe that a lot of children possess in wondrous abundance – often forgotten and disbelieved by adults, sadly.


I Moved My Hand (Moví la Mano)

Written by: Jorge Luján Illustrated by: Mandana Sadat Translated by: Elisa Amado
Published by: Groundwood Books, 2014 ISBN: 1554984858 (ISBN13: 9781554984855) 
Bought a copy of the book. Book photos taken by me.

There is something about black pages and its contrast with pinks and pastels that make me smile. I find that there are too few poetry picturebooks that celebrate the power of imagery rather than text.


In this deceptively-simple illustrated poem for children, each page is marked by two lines of verse (with additional two lines for the English translation), with the art really taking centre stage here. In a poem that builds upon itself, a young girl moved her hand and found a coconut, within that coconut lies a lake where a fish is found that contains the moon:


The cumulative aspect of the poem is effective as it makes use of the transformative power of the imagination, reminding the young reader that within their hands, a whole universe can be found:


I especially loved the last image:


I really don’t know what it is about this picturebook that moved me so – the message is stark and simple. Yet it is precisely that which worked for me, and a rainbow-coloured unicorn. We need more beautiful books like these to find their way into the hands of our young readers.

9 comments on “[IYL Finds | Poetry Friday] Moving One’s Hands To Touch the Skies in Jorge Luján and Mandana Sadat’s Poetry Book for Kids

  1. That looks like a book my kids would have loved! Both for the message and those illustrations.


  2. Lovely. I agree that kids need more poetry. I wish they could write more, too, when they are young and take it for granted that poetry is perfect.

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  3. Thanks for featuring this book, Myra — it looks wonderful. The transformative powers of art and imagination are fabulous themes and it’s nice to know this book conveys them so well.

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  4. Myra, I also love cumulative books. I Moved My Hand looks like a wonderful book to encourage imagination. Kids could create spin off books- I Turned My Head, I cClosed My Eyes, etc.

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  5. It does look wonderful, and I just found it at the library! Thanks, Myra.

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  6. What a beautiful book, Myra – and the message is one we can’t share enough these days.

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  7. maryleehahn

    This looks fabulous! I’ll see if our library has it — THANKS!!


  8. Thank you for sharing such neat books, Myra! We certainly do need to celebrate those pieces that inspire imagination through text and visual art. Thanks for sharing!


  9. What gorgeous books. Thank you for sharing these. The book festival sounds fabulous.


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