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[Photo Journal] Show and Share at Staff Development Day


Fats here.

Every Tuesday, we share photographs from our recent or long-ago travels, or just everyday stuff that appealed to our mindful eye and sharp sensibilities as captured through fleeting images.

I recently attended Staff Development Day at my library. Part of this year’s program is a “Show and Share” session featuring some of our staff’s hobbies and crafts.


Doll clothes sewn by Davida Hamsher


Cross stitch by Jen Zhu


Hats knitted by people from Crafts for a Cause


Mats by New Life for Old Bags (Ohio)


Cake decorations by Joann Moore-Krempf and Beekeeping by Greg Alexander


Hard Rock pin collection by Martha Scaggs


Stone jewelry by Melissa Johnson


LEGO Mindstorm Demo by Jason Ferrell


Jason giving a demo


Loot bag I won from the raffle! Yay!

Fats works at the Circulation Department of the Wayne County Public Library in Wooster, Ohio. She is a certified tsundoku, a Japanese slang that describes the act of acquiring books and letting them pile up. When she is not hoarding books, Fats is either goofing around with her cat or playing video games. She is 60% Gryffindor and 40% Ravenclaw.

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