[BHE 228] Book Hunting in Prague


Myra here.

Over the past weeks, I have been sharing my book loot from Europe. This week, I am excited to share the ones I found in Prague. It is my second time to visit this gorgeous city, and I just fell in love even more.

Knihkupectvi Academia

There are multiple branches of this retail bookstore around Prague. Unfortunately, I could not for the life of me remember any longer where, exactly, this one is located since we just happened to chance upon the place. I did manage to buy three nice books. I told myself that since they’re pretty tiny, it should be alright lugging them around.


Stoupání na horu by E. T. Seton and Pavel Čech, O Klíči by Pavel Čech, Dobrodruzství Pavouka Čendy by Pavel Čech. Looks like Čech is quite a popular artist in Prague.

Shakespeare & Synové

Address: Krymská 12, 101 00 Prague 10, Czech Republic


Once again, I simply chanced upon this bookstore, and I absolutely fell in love with it. Come and take a look at what’s found inside:


With my fourteen year old girl who also went gaga over this place. I initially found these two books that I simply knew I should purchase:

My First Kafka: Runaways Rodents and Giant Bugs by Matthue Roth and Rohan Daniel Eason, Follow the Dream: The Story of Christopher Columbus by Peter Sis. I am, after all, in Peter Sis’ land – it is but right that I should purchase a book of his.


As I was buying the books, I saw Gorey and I hyperventilated and ended up buying another book: The Recently Deflowered Girl by Edward Gorey under the pseudonym of Hyacinthe Phypps.

More Bookstore Love in Prague

There were a few more bookstores that we went to but I restrained myself from buying more titles, because you know, luggage. Here they are:

Which bookstore caught your eye, dear friends? Which ones would you most likely visit if you go to Prague.

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  1. I’m kind of jealous! (by kind of, I mean really 😉 ). Just for my information, Prague is pronounced Progg, not Pregg (with the E sounding like AY), right?

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