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[Poetry Friday] Animal Mommies and Babies featured in “Trunk to Trunklet”

poetry friday

Fats here.

As we continue with our theme, Into the Wild, I have some excerpts from the picture book entitled, Trunk to Trunklet. This book was written by Argentinian poet Jorge Luján, whose works have received the New York Times Best Illustrated Award and the ALIJA Poetry Prize. I shared some illustrations from the book as well, created by Mandana Sadat. Born in Brussels, Mandana moved to Paris with her family. The book was translated from Spanish by John Oliver Simon, who also happens to be a poet-teacher! Such a talented trio, I must say!


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Many thanks to Catherine for hosting this week!

Mommy seal nuzzles
nose to nose with her pup.
Warm fur and whiskers
keep them snuggled up.

Seeing myself in your eyes
how very small I get.
Now I know why you call me,
little owlet.

The tiger kitten is roaring
but his mom won’t get upset.
She knows his baby fangs
can’t bite anything yet.

Cucu rucu cuuu,
mommy pigeon cries.
Rucu cucu ruuu,
baby pigeon tries.

At twilight on the prairie,
hear mommy elephant trumpet!
Her calf comes trotting back to her
and they play trunk to trunklet.

4 comments on “[Poetry Friday] Animal Mommies and Babies featured in “Trunk to Trunklet”

  1. Well, the title line is a special image, Fats! This is a new book to me, so thanks very much for sharing it, and some poems from it.


  2. What incredible illustrations! Cute and a bit eery, what a fantastic combination. And very sweet poems, perfect for sharing with little readers.


  3. What a sweet book! Thank you for introducing it to me!


  4. Sweet and lively at the same time.


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