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[Photo Journal] Biblioteca Y Museos Nacionales España


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Biblioteca Y Museos Nacionales España

Clearly, my Madrid fever is not over yet. One of the first places I visit whenever I go to a new city is either the book store or the library.


My friend and I just chanced upon this place, which again leads me into thinking that these places find me, rather than the other way around.

The library (also called Palace Library) is found at the Paseo de Recoletos. My friend and I were on our way to do some retail and shoe shopping (more her – not me, really) – and we found this gorgeous place on the way.


Naturally we had to go inside.

The place is massive and awe-inspiring.


Do you see that little woman in pink at the steps of the massive building? Guess who that is.

From this Wikipedia page, it appears that the entire building was completed in 1896. So yes, the place is more than a hundred years old.

The National Archaeological Museum could likewise be found inside the building.

It is too bad, though, that the place is not open to the public – but only for researchers who have official business inside the library.

Love these monuments in honour of Spain’s greatest writers. Do you see Cervantes?

Which part of the building caught your eye, fellow bibliophiles? What is your favourite library in the world?

3 comments on “[Photo Journal] Biblioteca Y Museos Nacionales España

  1. Wow, that is beautiful! I wish you could have seen the inside.

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  2. That is awesome! I really wish I could go to these places!

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