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[BHE 227] Book Hunting in Vienna, Zurich, and Norway


Myra here.

It has been awhile since I arrived here in Singapore – but I am still gradually going through my book hunting expeditions while in Europe. Well, in my defense, it has been a long ten-week stay, and I love stretching the posts out over the weeks as it allows me to relive that glorious summer.

Book Hunting in Vienna

So, I wasn’t feeling too well during our second or third day in Vienna (it was raining non-stop). Guess what cheered me up? Going to Frick Bucher Books. Apparently, this bookstore has a lot of branches around Vienna.

Look at what’s found inside:

And my book finds!

I finally have my own copy of these classics in one book: Die Klassiker In Einem Band: Der Struwwelpeter by Dr. Heinrich Hoffman, Die Struwwelliese by Dr. Julius Lüthje, Max und Moritz by Wilhelm Busch.


Austrian Fairytales: Collected from Old Sources, Love Poems by Bertolt Brecht.


My 14 year old girl and I tried reading one poem – and she immediately closed the book – she thinks it’s way too adult for her. I concur.


I can not resist purchasing this one. I mean Europa Editions can do no wrong, right? Right? The Vienna Melody by Ernst Lothar.

Book Hunting in Zurich

When my family left for Singapore five weeks after we arrived (I stayed for another five weeks) – because my daughter has to return to school, I traveled during the weekends so that I won’t feel too homesick. Zurich was my first weekend on my own.



Naturally I had to go look for bookstores.

I wasn’t even able to capture the name of this bookstore. It was just this small shop in the metro station.

My Book Find!


Ziegen Hunde Krähen Mama by Katharina Tanner and Lihie Jacob.

Book Hunting in Bergen Norway

Naturally. Bookstore! Bought two books.

This is the bookstore that my childhood friend and host whom I have known for around 34 years (now living in Bergen) brought me to when I spent a glorious weekend with her.


They do love their Pippi Longstocking there, clearly.


I bought two books: a risque wordless graphic novel that originated in Italy: Valentina and the Magic Lantern by Guido Crepax, and To Og To by Lars Elling and Cappelen Damm.

Norway is breathtakingly beautiful. We spent the weekend chasing waterfalls. I do hope to return again – maybe next year, who knows?

What about you, dear friends? Was there a book here that caught your eye?

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  1. I love Pippi! Great photo of you with her. The Vienna Melody looks interesting.

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