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Lumpito and the Painter from Spain (Guess Who?)


Myra here.

I found this book by accident while researching for titles that would fit our theme on artists and rebels.


Lumpito And The Painter From Spain

Story by: Monica Kulling Art by: Dean Griffiths
Published by: Pajama Press, 2013 ISBN: 1927485002 (ISBN13: 9781927485002) Literary Awards: Shining Willow Award Nominee 2013
Borrowed from the Jurong West Public Library. Book photos taken by me.

Reminiscent of Minette’s Feast which features a snapshot of Julia Child’s life story narrative from her cat, Minette’s perspective:

… this book tells the story of Lump who used to live in Rome with Big Dog, a bully, and a photographer named David. That is, until the time when David took Lump (pronounced Loomp and which means ‘rascal’ in German) when he visited this painter from Spain.


I loved how expansive the art is in these pages – reminded me of my time traveling by bus around Europe, the gorgeous greens and the open spaces.


Unlike in his old home where Big Dog reigned and bullied Lump mercilessly (nicknamed Lumpito by the artist from Spain), he found joy and acceptance in this artist’s home, so much so that he eventually ended up staying here, especially since it was love at first sight between him and Pablo Picasso.


What I especially loved about this story is how Lumpito took centre stage, rather than Picasso, although his presence is keenly felt and magnified, particularly during the latter part of the narrative, but always in reference to Lumpito:


It is a story of belonging, finding home, and the quiet comfort in being able to sleep in peace (with two eyes closed) and eating one’s food in relative safety – with the knowledge that one is loved.

This story reminded me of the time I spent in Lucern, Switzerland when I feasted my eyes on Picasso’s art as found in the Rosengart museum.


It was grey and overcast when I spent my weekend in Switzerland – but there were colours that live and breathe in this building right here, which made everything just fine.

I managed to sneak in a few snapshots of Picasso’s art – because, hey, it’s Picasso. Hope you enjoy them.


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