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[Poetry Friday] A Trip to “Poem Depot”

poetry friday

Fats here.

Weekend’s almost here! As an early celebration, I’m sharing poems by Douglas Florian in his poetry collection called Poem Depot: Aisles of Smiles. The book contains over a hundred poems that kids will enjoy reading. Below are three of the ones I liked.


Many thanks to Heidi Mordhorst of My Juicy Little Universe for taking time to host the Poetry Friday round-up despite her busy schedule today!

Aisle 1: Wit & Whimsy

The ladybug is the state insect of Ohio.

Insect Asides

Some ladybugs are really men.
And crickets don’t play cricket.
Thought they cavort, they don’t play sport
On lawns or in a thicket.
A dragonfly is not a fly.
It’s not a dragon either.
No butter on a butterfly,
And bees cannot spell neither.
A centipede has not one cent.
A weevil does not weave.
And if you don’t stop bugging me,
Then I’ll ask you to leave!

Aisle 3: Funny Bones & Belly Laughs


Po m

Th s po m is mis ing le ters.
It’s mis ing q ite a f w.
Wh re th y did go
I do n t kno .
I do n t kno .
Do y u?

Aisle 6: Tons of Puns

Our cat, Penny.

Where My Cat Sleeps

My cat sleeps
Beside a door,
On a table,
In a drawer,
Upon my phone,
Or on a chair,
Blocking my way
On a stair,
By a window,
On my head.

Except her bed.


11 comments on “[Poetry Friday] A Trip to “Poem Depot”

  1. Hi Fats, truly funny and light poems. I feel younger reading them.


  2. The poems are terrific, love Insect Asides-very clever. Thanks, Fats!


  3. Ah, Douglas Florian, always there with a witty word. Love the insect poem especially. 🙂


  4. Such fun to read these, Fats!


  5. I think Insect Asides is my favorite as well, but I did enjoy reading all of these. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Thank you for picking Doug Florian to highlight.
    He’s a favorite when I read poetry picture books to kiddos as a school volunteer.
    And these are all new to me, so I’m a lucky duck.


  7. What better way to celebrate than with Douglas Florian, the life of the poetry party!


  8. So fun! Love the cat poem and I know a few kiddos who would too. Thank you for sharing.


  9. maryleehahn

    I always feature J Patrick Lewis and Douglas Florian on my first classroom Poetry Friday (which was yesterday). Between the two of them, they take up half of one of my 5 shelves of poetry! But I don’t have this book! Correcting that ASAP!! Thanks for the fun post!!


  10. Just put this book on hold at the library. Thanks for the recommendation, Fats. Really like the poem: Po m – amazing how your eye (brain?) fills in the blanks so it all makes sense. =)


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