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[BHE 223] La Central and Meet Up with Children’s Book Author in Madrid – Part 2 of 3


Myra here.

This is Part Two of my book hunting expedition in the beautiful city of Madrid (check out the first part of my post last week).

La Central Madrid

Address: Calle del Postigo de San Martín, 8, 28013 Madrid, Spain
Phone: +34 917 90 99 30

This place is just so lovely that my friend and I ended up having breakfast in this place not just once but twice – plus one light dinner too the night before we left Madrid. The first time we went here, we did not have much of a chance to really look around. It was during my second visit that I realized how much of a gem this place is. While it has the feel of a retail bookstore, it still has the charm of an independent, secluded place. Perhaps it is how the place is designed,

I especially love the wall of quotations from famous people’s journals:

the coffeeshop,

the really delicious food they have,

but I think it’s really the variety of the titles that La Central has as you can see below.

My favourite shelf, though, is the one filled with different versions of Alice in Wonderland.


Look at that!

And of course, not to forget the Don Quixote section:

And what did I get for myself?


I almost squealed in glee when I found French artist Houdart’s picturebook here – I just had to purchase it: Madre Entre El Sol Y La Noche by Stéphane Servant and Emmanuelle Houdart, and Virginia Mori by Virginia Mori herself – a largely wordless picturebook of strange surreal headless women.

Meet Up with Lawrence Schimel

We were also very privileged to have spent a lovely time with rockstar children’s book author, Lawrence Schimel in Madrid – all thanks to the very kind introduction of Jochen Weber from the Internationale Jugendbibliothek, International Youth Library. Lawrence is a prolific author whose book “No hay nada como el orginal” (Destino) was selected by the International Youth Library in Munich for the White Ravens 2005 and his picture books ¿Lees un libro conmigo? (Panamericana) and Igual que ellos/Just Like Them (Ediciones del Viento) selected by IBBY for Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities in 2007 and 2013 respectively.

Lawrence was also very kind enough to share a few of his books with me – he has such a generous soul. Our visit to Madrid has definitely been richer and made more special because we had a chance to meet him.


The Boy And The Spy (El Nen I L’Espía) by Lawrence Schimel and Jaime Martinez, Fairy Tales For Writers by Lawrence Schimel, and The Last Selchie Child by Jane Yolen.

After all these new books, I swore to myself that I wouldn’t purchase any more books. Then I found another bookstore in Madrid – that is for Part Three of my post next week. Watch out for it.

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  1. That looks like a fun trip! 🙂

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