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[Poetry Friday] Celebrating the Beauty of the Desert in Pat Mora’s “Gold”

poetry friday

Fats here.


My contribution for this week’s Poetry Friday is taken from a collection of poems entitled, “Home: A Journey Through America.” Thomas Locker, who compiled the poems in the book, provided the gorgeous paintings that matched the beauty of the verses written by some of our beloved writers. Below is Pat Mora’s tribute to the Southwest desert.

Poetry Friday round up is hosted by Margaret Simon of Reflections on the Teche.


by Pat Mora

When Sun paints the desert
with its gold,
I climb the hills.
Wind runs round boulders, ruffles
my hair. I sit on my favorite rock,
lizards for company, a rabbit,
ears stiff in the shade
of a saguaro.
In the wind, we’re all
eye to eye.

Sparrow on saguaro watches
rabbit watch us in the gold
of sun setting.
Hawk sails on waves of light, sees
sparrow, rabbit, lizards, me,
our eyes shining,
watching red and purple
sand rivers stream down the hills.

I stretch my arms wide as the sky
like hawk extends her wings
in all the gold light of this, home.

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