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[Poetry Friday] Poems from “Children of Long Ago”

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In celebration of our theme on the Universal Republic of Childhood, I’m happy to share two poems from “Children of Long Ago” by Lessie Jones Little. Lessie Jones Little was the mother of children’s author Eloise Greenfield. In Children of Long Ago, Lessie shared what life was like for children growing up in the early 1900s, a time in which there were few cars, no TV, and technology that we have at present.


Children of Long Ago

Words by: Lessie Jones Little
Pictures by: Jan Spivey Gilchrist
Published by: Lee & Low Books (2008)
ISBN-10: 1584300094
ISBN-13: 978-1584300090

This poetry collection is perfect for readers of all ages. Let Lessie take you back in time as she recreates rural life through memories and imagination. Don’t forget to head over to Carol’s Corner for today’s Poetry Friday round-up!


Children of Long Ago

The children who lived a long time ago
In little country towns
Ate picnics under spreading trees,
Played hopscotch on the cool dirt yards,
Picked juicy grapes from broad grapevines,
Pulled beets and potatoes from the ground,
Those children of long ago.

The children who lived a long time ago
In little country towns
Tromped to school on hard-frozen roads,
Warmed themselves by wood-burning stoves,
Ate supper by light from oil-filled lamps,
Built fancy snowmen dressed like clowns,
Those children of long ago.

The children who lived a long time ago
In little country towns
Decked themselves in their Sunday best,
Went to church and visited friends,
Sang happy songs with their mamas and papas,
Traveled through books for sights and sounds,
Those children of long ago.


Children of Long Ago

Sometimes sad and sorry,
Sometimes jolly and glad,

They cried,
They laughed,
They worked,
They played,
They learned,
They loved,

Those children of long ago.


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What do you remember most about your childhood?

6 comments on “[Poetry Friday] Poems from “Children of Long Ago”

  1. Beautiful poems. Most of my childhood memories revolve around books or playing outside with friends and siblings.


  2. Carol Wilcox

    I want to make sure that Mary Lee and Steve Peterson see your post– in April we wrote a whole series of poems based on old photographs. My childhood memories revolve around a whole passel of kids from our neighborhood– riding bikes, swimming at a local pool, jumping on the trampoline in our backyard, and hide and seek until our parents called us in. We were outside from dawn to dusk.


  3. I remember getting a color TV after years of B&W. I was teen when we got HBO. I always loved movies.


  4. Wonderful poems. Makes an adult nostalgic for the simpler days. Excellent teacher’s guide. I am going to check this collection out.


  5. I wish I could share this with my mother and mother-in-law, Fats. What a lovely book of memories. I’ve sat on several porches in my childhood eating watermelon just like the picture! Thank you!


  6. Play! Such wonderful, rich adventures and learning that came from simple, creative fun play. How blessed they were, those children of long ago. #neverforgetthesimplethings


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