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The Flow of “A River” Outside One’s Window in Marc Martin’s Visually Stunning Picturebook


Myra here.

For my Monday reading earlier this week, I shared the beauty of the sunrise and the wilds of nature in picturebooks “Soon” and “Pongo.” I thought I might as well follow it through with this visually stunning picturebook by award-winning artist Marc Martin.


A River

Written and Illustrated byMarc Martin
Published by: Templar Publishing, 2016 ISBN13: 9780670077441
Book borrowed from the Jurong West Public Library. Book photos taken by me. 

There are a few books that do not really require any specific setting. While one can make certain educated deductions as to where such a place could possibly exist in the world, I prefer to think that something like this could also live in the space of a reader’s imagination.


As the reader moves closer to this ribbon of water, the frame is gradually removed, and one swims into the pages as the images show an interweaving of the urban landscape and the serpentine river (see below):


This is a gentle picturebook that undulates with rhythmic, almost hypnotic words and art that will make even the most jaded reader gasp with so much delight:


To complement the photos here, I am sharing a few of my own pictures taken while we were in Maldives a few months back. They are technically photographs of the Indian sea, not a river, but they still manage to capture the exquisite beauty of nature. These were taken while we were on a sunset/dolphin cruise.





Do you see the dolphin’s tail peeking out?

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