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The Color Monster: A Beautiful Pop-Up Book About Love and Other Feelings


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Remember Inside Out? It’s the 2015 Pixar animated film that focused on five personified emotions of a young girl from Minnesota named Riley who had to adjust to her new life in San Francisco when she moved there with her parents. I wrote the following on my Facebook page exactly 11 months ago:

feelings5I just watched Inside Out with some friends and I loved it! It’s a beautiful movie for the entire family not only because of the funny scenes, emotional puns, and cute animation but also because it encourages children and adults to open up and allow their emotions to flow without fear of being misunderstood or rejected. Inside Out reminds us that it’s okay to feel lonely or to cry. It helps us understand that just because someone is always happy does not mean that the person is not going through difficult times. Life is one big roller coaster ride and we have to embrace everything that happens to us, inside and out.

P.S. Thanks for making me cry, Bing Bong.

I love Inside Out. There’s a lot that can be said about that movie. If you’ve seen it, you most likely have other things to say about it. Anyway, I thought about this movie when I picked up The Color Monster: A Pop-up Book of Feelings by Anna Llenas from the book drop one chilly morning.

feelings1The Color Monster: A Pop-up Book of Feelings

Author/Illustrator: Anna Llenas
Publisher: Sterling Children’s Books (2015)
ISBN-10: 1454917296
ISBN-13: 978-1454917298

In The Color Monster, a little girl helps her color monster friend “sort” his feelings. His emotions were all over the place. His colors were all jumbled up! He was having mixed emotions and he didn’t know why!


This is sadness.
It’s gentle and blue like a rainy day.

When you’re sad you might want
to cry or be alone.


This is calm.
It is as light as a green leaf
floating in the wind.

When you’re calm
you breathe slowly and deeply.
You feel at peace.


This is fear.
It hides in the black shadows.

When you’re afraid, you feel tiny and helpless.
Fear makes it hard to be brave.

Just like in Inside Out, different emotions are represented in The Color Monster. It was adorable to think that the little girl was able to separate her color monster’s emotions into different jars. All colors except one. I would leave that for you to find out!

The Color Monster is perfect for children ages 2-5. As you can see from the images I shared above, the pop-up art was brilliant. (Sadness has never looked so beautiful!) Short, tender verses. Cute illustrations. The Color Monster is a must-read and a must-have.

Bonus: An interesting “emotional palette” featuring the characters from Inside Out.


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1 comment on “The Color Monster: A Beautiful Pop-Up Book About Love and Other Feelings

  1. That book looks beautiful! I’m always a bit anxious about getting popup books for our house, though. I know that the kids loving it probably means that it will get ripped!


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