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[BHE 209] Launch of May-June Reading Theme: The Universal Republic of Childhood


Myra here.

Every Sunday, we share the books that found their way into our hands through covert or legitimate means – from libraries, book sales, or given to us by kind souls.

This week is extra special as we are launching our new reading theme for May-June: The Universal Republic of Childhood.


This widget was created by the talented artist and graphic designer Iphigene. This is acrylic on Canvas and the text was added via Photoshop.

This is inspired by a book I read a few years ago written by Frenchman Paul Hazard. Here was my Facebook Status Update four years back:

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 4.08.07 PM

Essentially, we are looking for the following titles to celebrate the Universal Republic Of Childhood:

  1. Books that show the universality of childhood experiences
  2. Stories about children coming from various parts of the globe – distinct stories that highlight unique authentic experiences
  3. Stories that embrace the world – showing how we are all global citizens and are inherently interconnected
  4. Tales that highlight diversity and inclusivity – global-themed books.

Library Finds: PictureBooks!

Naturally, the first thing I do each time we are about to launch a reading theme is to hit the library and borrow as many relevant titles as I can.



Same Same But Different by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw, One World One Day by Barbara Kerley


You Are Stardust by Elin Kelsey and Art by Soyeon Kim



Goran’s Great Escape by Astrid Lindgren and illustrated by Marit Törnqvist


Issun Bôshi: The One Inch Boy by Icinori


The Wonder by Faye Hanson, Star Girl by Karin Littlewood


Once Upon A Memory by Nina Laden and illustrated by Renata Liwska, What There Is Before There Is Anything There by Liniers


Frankencrayon by Michael Hall, It’s an Orange Aardvark! by Michael Hall

Animal Books


April the Red Goldfish by Marjolaine Leray, Soon by Timothy Knapman and Patrick Benson, Pongo by Jesse Hodgson


An Armadillo in Paris by Julie Kraulis, The Bear and the Piano by David Litchfield

Do you have recommended titles for us? Any book that you feel would fit right into our “Universe of Childhood” reading theme?

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