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[Poetry Friday] On Loving

poetry friday

Fats here.


I was browsing through the poetry section in our library a few months ago and I came upon this collection entitled, The Spoken Word Revolution: Slam, Hip Hop, and the Poetry of a New Generation. The book includes an audio CD I could listen to. Alas, the CD is missing. The book is still in one piece, though, and I have an excerpt from one of the poems featured in it.

Thanks to Buffy Silverman of Buffy’s Blog for hosting Poetry Friday round-up!



May you love for the sake of loving!

6 comments on “[Poetry Friday] On Loving

  1. Love the message of this. Thanks for sharing.


  2. That is just beautiful – straight to the point and succinct. Thanks for sharing it, Fats.


  3. Lovely! (I see why the CD might be missing and the book well-worn.)


  4. Looks like a great book. I’d want the CD, too.


  5. “And with luck it is returned without cause.” Wonderful, Fats. Too bad the cd is missing, Maybe some parts are online? Thanks!


  6. maryleehahn

    YES! For the sake of loving!


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