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[Poetry Friday] Charles Bukowski’s Advice on Writing

poetry friday

Fats here.


As we continue to celebrate National Poetry Month, I’m sharing one of my favorite poems. Do you want to be a writer? Read (and listen!) to what Charles Bukowski has to say. Excuse the length of this post. I’m sharing the first and last verses of his poem, So You Want to Be a Writer. I also included a beautiful video tribute to the poem.

Thank you for hosting Poetry Friday this week, Jama!
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I hope words will find you this weekend!

2 comments on “[Poetry Friday] Charles Bukowski’s Advice on Writing

  1. I do it, and I wish I loved another job. Preferably a lucrative one. With status. And less isolation. *heaving sigh* Great quote by a great poet. Thanks for giving me that moment of venting. LOL


  2. Thanks for the video and excerpts. Bukowski has always been one of those poets who makes me sit up and take notice.

    I agree with Brenda. Don’t fully agree with everything Bukowski says, but maybe the point of his poem was to rile us up? 🙂


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