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[Poetry Friday] Celebrate the Seasons with Margaret Wise Brown

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Fats here.


I’m happy to share two entries from Margaret Wise Brown’s Goodnight Songs: A Celebration of the Seasons. This poetry collection includes 12 seasonal songs about nature with breathtaking illustrations by 12 award-winning picturebook artists like David Small, Peter Brown, Floyd Cooper, and Molly Idle, to name a few. Goodnight Songs was nominated in the recently concluded 2015 CYBILS Awards.

The photos below were taken through my phone. Many thanks to Donna from Mainely Write for hosting this week’s Poetry Friday Round-up!

Taken on February 28, 2010. View from my uncle’s house in Chula Vista, CA.

to a child

Some fine day, just run away
To a long unscheduled day
To where great clouds go sailing by
Above the birds and butterfly.

High, high, high up in the sky
Through the drift of endless blue
A soft white cloud will carry you
High, high, high in the soft, soft air.

Taken on February 16, 2016. View from the allotment in Wooster, OH.

Snowfall (an excerpt)

Slow, slow
In the soft mysterious fall of the snow
Light in the air
And deep below
Through the trees all white with snow
The lights of evening softly glow.


Have a great weekend, everyone!

5 comments on “[Poetry Friday] Celebrate the Seasons with Margaret Wise Brown

  1. Ooohlala. Apparently this is different from the other Goodnight Songs (also by Margaret Wise Brown) with book cover done by Pepper Roxas. See here:


  2. I have this book, Fats, and it is gorgeous, with the poems and the various illustrations, too. I’m glad you shared.


  3. What a beautiful cloud photo, and I love the idea of floating up there, playing hookie with the geese and swallows.


  4. “run away / to a long unscheduled day” words we should ALL live by. Great post, Fats. =)


  5. I, too, liked the “long unscheduled day”. I’m having one of those today, and taking time to get through all my Poetry Friday links, finally – but in a nice relaxed, coffee-by-my-side kind of way!


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