[GatheringReaders] Children’s Book Choices in 2016


Myra here.

I just met up with my GatheringReaders book club participants at the Jurong West Public Library last Sunday, 17th of January. Usually our first meeting in January and June has to do with book nominations and booktalk as we consider which titles would be great for us to read in the coming months. However, since I will be away in June-July, we completed our list for the whole of 2016! I must have booktalked over 50 titles – thank heavens for book trailers!

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 1.10.48 PM

February – March: Fantasy

Here are the titles I booktalked with two of these titles recommended by book club participants (Tuesdays at the Castle and The Hobbit):

Children’s Choice: February


Virtual Meeting: 14 February, http://gatheringbooks.org

Face-to-Face Meeting: 21 February, JWPL, 11-12 nn

Children’s Choice: March


Virtual Meeting: 13 March, http://gatheringbooks.org

Face-to-Face Meeting: 20 March, JWPL, 11-12 nn

April – May: Graphic Novels

Children’s Choice: April


Virtual Meeting: 10 April, http://gatheringbooks.org

Face-to-Face Meeting: 17 April, JWPL, 11-12 nn

Children’s Choice: May


Virtual Meeting: 8 May, http://gatheringbooks.org

Face-to-Face Meeting: 15 May, JWPL, 11-12 nn

June – July: Award-Winning Novels

Children’s Choice: June


Virtual Meeting: 12 June, http://gatheringbooks.org

Children’s Choice: July


Virtual Meeting: 17 July, http://gatheringbooks.org

August – September: Suspense / Mystery

Children’s Choice: August


Virtual Meeting: 7 August, http://gatheringbooks.org

Face-to-Face Meeting: 14 August, JWPL, 11-12 nn

Children’s Choice: September


Virtual Meeting: 11 September, http://gatheringbooks.org

Face-to-Face Meeting: 18 September, JWPL, 11-12 nn

October – November: Contemporary Realistic Fiction

Children’s Choice: October


Virtual Meeting: 9 October, http://gatheringbooks.org

Face-to-Face Meeting: 16 October, JWPL, 11-12 nn

Children’s Choice: November

stargirl (1)

Virtual Meeting: 6 November, http://gatheringbooks.org

Face-to-Face Meeting: 13 November, JWPL, 11-12 nn

December: Dystopian

Children’s Choice: December


Virtual Meeting: 27 November, http://gatheringbooks.org

Face-to-Face Meeting: 4 December, JWPL, 11-12 nn


Have you read any of these titles yet? You are all more than welcome to join our virtual book club discussions!

  1. So many great titles- I’m excited to read along with you. Yesterday I completed my blog post on my TO BE READ list https://libbyvine.wordpress.com/2016/01/22/to-be-read-whats-on-my-list-top-10/
    It’s all going to have to be amended now- happily 🙂

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    1. Perfect! We look forward to that, too!

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  2. I’ve read them all except Screaming Staircase. What great choices. Seems like you have readers who wish for a little danger in their books.



  3. What a great blog!!! It helps me make decisions on what books to purchase for my kids. Have you read the new picture book, “Cooking With Mr. C.” by John Contratti. My kids love it. Keep up the good work.



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