Poetry Friday

[Poetry Friday] Walk in the light, steadily hurry towards me…

poetry friday

Myra here.

It has been months since I last joined the Poetry Friday community. Iphigene sends her well wishes but is unable to post this week, and so I had to scramble to find just the right poem.

I am currently at the public library, as I have been invited to give a short talk for the Read Write Tell Communities as a facilitator of a book club for young readers at the Jurong West Public Library during this evening’s book club dinner.


I know, though, that I could not let this day go by without sharing something today. Thank you to Diane of Random Noodling for being a fabulous host this week.


Carol Ann Duffy is my go-to person whenever I want a poem to find me. True enough, this one stood out, stark on the pages. I hope it speaks to you too.


5 comments on “[Poetry Friday] Walk in the light, steadily hurry towards me…

  1. I heard Carol Ann Duffy at a poetry festival and she was great. An added bonus was hearing her read with a Scottish accent!

    As a public librarian, your work with the book club makes me very happy! Keep it up!

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  2. You’ve reminded me that I really need to read more of Duffy’s work. Everything of hers I’ve seen so far has resonated with me. Thanks for sharing this one.


  3. maryleehahn

    I’m sure this poem is in my mom’s heart as she awaits my arrival this Wednesday!


  4. How perfect a poem for the season of holiday travelers. I love the image of that photo in the fridge, smiling when the light comes on (now that is a poetic thing to do–put someone’s photo in the fridge).


  5. I like the repetition of “safely, safely safe home” and the lovingness of “Steadily hurry towards me.” “Who loves you” — no need for a question mark there.


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