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[Nonfiction Wednesday] Nature of Crime once upon a long ago in a Nonfiction Picturebook “Victorian Crime”


Myra here.

We are delighted to join the Nonfiction Picture Book Challenge 2015 hosted by Alyson Beecher @ Kid Lit Frenzy. We would also be linking our nonfiction choices with our reading themes throughout the year, as well as reading challenges that we have pledged to join this year.

Our reading theme for November – December: The Butler Did It! MysteREADventure!



Victorian Crime

This book is a differentiated text version of The History Detective Investigates Victorian Crime by Peter Chrisp
Published by: Wayland, 2009
Borrowed from the Jurong West Public Library. Book photos taken by me.

This simplified version of Peter Chrisp’s nonfiction text is a good introduction to young readers about what crime was like during the mid-to-late 1800s in Britain. As I was reading the book, I also thought that this could be linked to the Industrial Revolution and the staggering poverty that led to petty theft, criminal activities, and children resorting to stealing in the streets to survive.


Readers of Charles Dickens or fans of Les Miserables would also see a great deal of references as could be seen in a section on children and crime:


as well as the atrocious public hangings, crowded prisons, and what was called “the separate system” to keep prisoners apart in separate cells. The picture in the page below is reminiscent of Jean Valjean’s struggles as Prisoner 24601.


The book also includes potential classroom activities that teachers can consider doing with their students, as it presents an interactive quality to it with Sherlock Bones (see image on upper left above) asking the reader a few questions or encouraging the reader to visit specific websites to know more about Victorian crime. The book also comes with a Glossary of Terms found at the end of the book as well as an Answer Key to the various questions posed throughout the book. Worth checking out.


#nfpb2015 Challenge Update: 70 (25)

6 comments on “[Nonfiction Wednesday] Nature of Crime once upon a long ago in a Nonfiction Picturebook “Victorian Crime”

  1. I love the secret language page!


  2. My kids loves non-fiction picture books, especially my son. It’s a great way for kids to learn new stuff on practically any subject.


  3. This looks terrific Myra. I know there are always kids at my school studying mysteries & crime. They would love this.


  4. What a fun theme! Mysteries and crime stories are favorites among kids!


  5. Sherlock Bones reminds me of McGruff the Crime Dog, a cartoon detective dog that was part of a big series of anti-crime TV ads and promotions when I was a kid 🙂


  6. This books sounds amazing – We love your theme this month


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