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A Flock of Adventures with George and Louise in “George Flies South” and “Louise, The Adventures of a Chicken”


Fats here.

Join us today as we follow a little bird named George and a brave chicken named Louise on their adventures. Both picture books are great for read-aloud so be sure to share these with the little ones. Our Mystereadventure theme continues until the end of this month!


George Flies South

Written and illustrated by: Simon James
Published by: Candlewick Press (2011)
Book borrowed from Hudson Library & Historical Society. Photos by me.


Set during the time of the year when leaves were turning brown, George Flies South tells of birds heading south because winter was coming. Ironically, George did not fly south. He was not quite ready to fly yet, as George had told his mom. He liked his nest so he decided to wait there while his mom got him some worms.


Unfortunately for George, it was also a time of year when a gust of wind could whoosh a nest. George’s nest lifted from the air and that marked the beginning of the ride of his life. Which places did George end up in? Will he finally learn to fly, leave his precious nest, and head south for winter?


The sparse text makes George Flies South an easy and fun read-aloud book. Pages are filled with illustrations and it was such a delight to follow George and his nest. Visit Pinterest and Words for Life for downloadable activity sheets on George Flies South!



Louise, The Adventures of a Chicken

Written by: Kate DiCamillo
Illustrated by: Harry Bliss
Published by: HarperCollins Children’s Books (2008)
Book borrowed from Wayne County Public Library -(Creston). Photos by me.


Kate DiCamillo, National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, has shared with readers beautiful award-winning works such as The Tale of Desperaux and Because of Winn-Dixie. Like the adorable Mercy Watson, Louise The Adventures of A Chicken tells the story of a brave, plump chicken who longed for adventure.

She was brave.
She was fearless.
She was feathered.
She was a chicken.
A not-so-chicken chicken.
Her name?


Unlike George Flies South, Louise contains more words, making it a longer but definitely not boring read-aloud. Although Louise was not necessarily a thrill-seeker, she did embark on some daring, death-defying, devil-may-care adventures — sailing on the high seas, encountering pirates, joining the circus, and meeting a palm reader, just to name a few.


What I liked most about this book was the fact that despite her strong desire for an adventure, Louise always thought quite fondly of home so she always manages to travel back to her roots. I may not do it as often as Louise did it but going back to my hometown is something I always look forward to.

For a set of classroom activities on Louise The Adventurous Chicken, check out this online worksheet from HarperCollins.

Have a great rest of your week, dear readers!

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