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[Poetry Friday] Tribute to English Teachers

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Fats here.

Last week, my manager asked me to fill in for her assistant and accompany one of my co-workers to Wooster Township Elementary. The library where I work is working with Triway Local Schools in which students can borrow books from our library and have the materials delivered to their schools. Students may also return materials to the school library and have those sent back to our branch. This community project began this fall. We’re all very excited to see this project in full operation especially since we’ve received positive feedback and the parents we’ve spoken with were very receptive.


Thanksgiving break is right around the corner, so I thought I’d share with you some school poems taken from the poetry collection of Kalli Dakos entitled “If You’re Not Here, Please Raise Your Hand.” This book was illustrated by G. Brian Karas and published by Macmillan. It contains over 30 poems about school. Most are long, but I found two short ones that I want to share with you today. Both poems are a treat to students and educators, especially to English teachers!

Join the Poetry Friday round-up hosted by Bridget Magee of Wee Words for Wee Ones.


Dancing on a Rainbow

When my reading teacher
Comes to get me
For my special reading class
I feel like
Dancing on a rainbow.

To me she is

a light in the darkness
the twinkle of a star
soft as a cottonball
a true friend.

When my reading teacher
Comes to get me
For my special reading class
I know what it is like
To dance on a rainbow.


Call the Periods
Call the Commas

Call the doctors Call the nurses Give me a breath of
air I’ve been reading all your stories but the periods
aren’t there Call the policemen Call the traffic guards
Give me a STOP sigh quick Your sentences are running
when they need a walking stick Call the commas Call
the question marks Give me a single clue Tell me
where to breathe with a punctuation mark or two


Hope you have an amazing, poetry-filled Friday!

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