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[BHE 181] Quarter Dollar Books at the “Everything Surplus” Warehouse Sale


Fats here.

Every Sunday, we are excited to share books that managed to find their way into our hands and landed straight into our ever-growing bookshelves. This week, I’m featuring book finds that I bought from a warehouse sale. There’s this store called “Everything Surplus” which is a five-minute drive from the house. My boyfriend’s mom told me about the sale – which she found out through her twin sister. I don’t normally go to that store but I’m glad I went that day.

Everything Surplus held a book sale last month, selling books for 25 cents a pop. It’s probably the best deal I’ve had in a very long time. I only paid a total of $9 for my loot that day, which made me a very happy book hunter. =)


Alicia Alonso: Prima Ballerina by Carmen T. Bernier-Grand and Raul Colon
Jimi Sounds Like a Rainbow: The Story of the Young Jimi Hendrix by Gary Golio and Javaka Steptoe


The Wimpy Kid: Movie Diary by Jeff Kinney
The Birthday Ball by Lois Lowry and Jules Feiffer


The Tale of Desperaux: The Graphic Novel by Matt Smith and David Tilton
Figgs and Phantoms by Ellen Raskin


A Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations: Two Novels by Charles Dickens
The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun by J.R.R. Tolkien
The Turn of the Screw by Henry James


The Wild Things by Dave Eggers
The Palace Job by Patrick Weekes


The Death of Fidel Perez by Elizabeth Huergo
Orientation and Other Stories by Daniel Orozco


The Hangman’s Daughter by Oliver Potzsch


Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs
You Better Not Cry: Stories for Christmas by Augusten Burroughs


The Ancient by R.A. Salvatore
The Law of Nines by Terry Goodkind


Our Tragic Universe by Scarlett Thomas
Lords and Ladies: A Discworld Novel by Terry Pratchett


On Seeing: Things Seen, Unseen, and Obscene by F. Gonzalez-Crussi
What?: Are These the 20 Most Important Questions in Human History – Or Is This a Game of 20 Questions? by Mark Kurlansky


Andy Warhol and the Can That Sold the World by Gary Indiana
The Phone Book: The Curious History of the Book That Everyone Uses But No One Reads by Ammon Shea


Say You’re One of Them by Uwem Akpan
Stand the Storm by Breena Clarke


Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger
The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog, and of His Friend Marilyn Monroe by Andrew O’Hagan


Salinger: A Biography by Paul Alexander
The Redeemer by Jo Nesbo


Werewolves: An Illustrated Journal of Transformation by Paul Jessup and Allyson Haller
The Unruly Alphabet by Aaron McKinney


Dot in Larryland: The Big Book of an Odd-Sized Friendship by Patricia Marx and Roz Chast
Pierced: A Zits Close-Up by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman


Ken’s Great Adventure by Klaus Merz and Hannes Binder
Waltz With Bashir by Ari Folman and David Polonsky

1 comment on “[BHE 181] Quarter Dollar Books at the “Everything Surplus” Warehouse Sale

  1. What a treat and what an awesome haul you have here. This is indeed a steal.


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