Poetry Friday

[Poetry Friday]: Self, the Other, and Gardening

poetry friday

Iphigene Here.

Have you ever had a line come to you begging to be explored and written out? When “I distinguish you from movement. I know not your presence as love and warmth” came to me I was at the middle of work thinking about Management Systems. I tried to ignore it, but it insisted and so I began to type out the first stanza.

As the first stanza took form, I knew exactly what this poem was going to be about. In this poem, my two pre-occupation meld: namely ‘abuse’ and ‘gardening’ mixed with some mundane ideas such as dogs and tug of war. In a way it is a strange combination, but I find as I end this poem and the muse slowly leave me that I could not write it any other way. Shout out to Heidi @ My Juicy Little Universe for hosting today’s Poetry Friday. Head to her site for more poetry!


10 comments on “[Poetry Friday]: Self, the Other, and Gardening

  1. You’ve created some very powerful images via the gardening metaphor, that effectively track the twists and turns of emotional turmoil and torment. Thanks for sharing!

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    • Hi Jama,
      Thank you. When I finished writing this poem, I wasn’t so sure if I could pull it off, but I also knew there was no other way to write it. Your comment is reassuring. 🙂


  2. Yes! I know exactly what you mean, and with the inspiration/reminder of your insights, I “know” what next I must write. Funny, permissions and advice I gave to students, I sometimes forget/neglect to follow myself. You are a good teacher. Thank you! God bless!

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    • Thanks, I’m glad this reminded you about following inspiration. 🙂


      • Following your post, I ditched the Ditty I started begun last night for this month’s challenge, realizing I “have” to give voice, even if only for myself, to the line that reverberates in my brain: “Only the stranger cried.” …I’ll let you know if it works…THANKS! God bless.


  3. “And the unfurling is a game of tug and blood.” gives me shivers, Iphigene. This is both lovely and sad, a push/pull of emotions. I am always amazed when the words hit, and you have to write them. I love the drawings you added, too.


  4. I’m really interested, Iphigene, in the idea of the “valves of my heart,” opening and shutting, letting some things in and keeping others out, and complicated, restless nights. This poem makes me want to wish you well, a deep wellness.


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