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[Poetry Friday]: Every Inch of Your Body and It’s Pain

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Iphigene Here.

Poetry to me is a combination of personal and imaginary. Recently, I find myself inspired by nature and human existence in its most intimate experiences. Maybe its my own preoccupation with the relationship of my mind and body. Often, I find myself compelling my body to move when my mind wishes it to sulk. The mastery of the mind also means the mastery of the body and vice versa. Relaxing tense muscles, eases the mind. Letting go of ones thoughts frees the body of tension.

With this awareness, I am constantly attuned to my body’s movements and experiences. I am also attuned to the pain I experience through the body. Often, I find myself in a debate of whether my pain is real or magnified by my own mind. Only when I have figured it out, do I decide to take a rest or to turn off my mind and move forward.

I hope you enjoy this poem. Thanks to Janet at Poetry for Children for hosting today’s Poetry Friday


14 comments on “[Poetry Friday]: Every Inch of Your Body and It’s Pain

  1. Your poem made me aware of my own thoughts about my body, Iphigene, and because I’m older, the wonders I make are about aging. Is this “that” I’m older, or did I do too much today, and on. But your ending caps it all with love. No matter real or imagined, we are alive. Love the thoughts here.

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    • Hi Linda,
      It is, to me amazing, how our body adapts to changes. I have become acutely aware of it and its interesting that my personal experience translates in your life as well. But indeed, no matter how aching our bodies are, being alive overpowers it all. thanks for reading Linda.


  2. maryleehahn

    We are so alone inside our bodies, trying to understand all they tell us.

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  3. Hi, Iphigene, and thank you for joining us for our Poetry Friday gathering this week– and for sharing these insightful observations and your powerful poem!


  4. Hi Iphigene! Very good job of taking us in to share the experience with the narrator. A person is not very alone when sharing a moment with readers, is she? In a way, it is the ultimate connection, because it is one that can be returned to over time, and passed on, so nameless others can connect as well.


  5. Thanks for such an intimate exploration of your experiences with pain. There is a lot I can connect to.


  6. Once again, you have written something that makes me think, reread, and think again, Iphigene. This is a good thing. 😉 I guess I have made this mind-body connection as well, without naming it as such. Most nights I wake in the wee hours, my mind going at breakneck speed. What I do is stretch the tension out of my hips, my legs, my back, and often that will be enough to settle my mind. Thank you for sharing your awareness and your poetry.


    • Hi Michelle,
      I could only hope, when I write my poems, that the reader would take time to consider the ideas I present. To have done that, is icing on the cake. I learned of the mind-body connection in therapy. I had to be conscious of it, when I feel dark thoughts looming I would take a walk to empty myself. It’s a wonderful thing, how these two seemingly separate parts of us are connected. Thanks for taking the time to read and dropping by. 🙂


  7. Keri Collins Lewis

    Thank you for reflecting on the mind/body connection. The older I get the more I appreciate my body and how it has its own language . . . if only I can figure out what it’s trying to say!


    • You are welcome Keri. i thought people would find this a slightly odd poem, but it seems I am wrong. I learned this connection the hard way and now, have become quite aware of every inch of my own body’s experience. Thanks for the visit. 🙂


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