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[Poetry Friday]: How do you grip a heart?

poetry friday

Iphigene here.

Last week I mentioned I was working on an original poem. Still working on that particular poem. Today, I decided to post a different original poem. I had always treated poetry as a way to iron out my own thoughts. When I began this poem I had a few lines and as I worked on it in a span of a few days it took shape. The result is never as I expected it to be. Thanks Tabatha Yeatts for hosting today’s Poetry Friday. Happy Friday everyone!

Poem and Artwork by Author
Poem and Artwork by Author

6 comments on “[Poetry Friday]: How do you grip a heart?

  1. Iphigene, I wouldn’t have thought to connect birds with heartbeats. That makes an interesting connection with heartbeats and music. Did you draw the bird? Very nice.


    • I wouldn’t either. I wrote the first stanza and didnt know what to do with it. Then i started thinking about birds. Only then did this poem founds its completion. And yeah i drew the bird.


  2. I too am fascinated with the birds, love the idea of them trusting each other as they swoop and sly. This is full of thoughtful wandering, Iphigene, of love. I’m glad you shared, and the sketch, too.


    • Hi Linda,
      My fascination for birds (nature in general) is fairly recent. Its the effect of mary oliver. There is something so vulnerable and freeing about birds that made it seem an apt depiction of love. Im glad you enjoyed the porm and sketch.


  3. maryleehahn

    I like the contrasting images of holding/releasing in this poem.


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