[GatheringReaders] Children’s Book Choices for July-December 2015


Myra here.

I just met up with my GatheringReaders book club participants at the Jurong West Public Library two Sundays ago, 19th of June. Usually our first meeting for the second half of the year has to do with book nominations and a great deal of booktalk as we consider which titles would be great for us to read in the coming months. And just like the previous years, I am extremely grateful that there are book trailers now that I can use for my booktalk. See a snapshot of my gallery of slides:

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 6.52.12 am

I am also glad that there are book club participants who brought their own tower of books to recommend to everyone else, while there are those who printed out/ wrote down a book list. Here are the books that we will be discussing for the second half of 2015.

August: Award Winning Title

Here are the books that I suggested to my tweeners:

And the children’s choice:


Virtual Meeting: 16 August, http://gatheringbooks.org

Face to Face Meeting: 23 August, 11-12nn, JWPL

September: Suspense/ Mystery

These are the titles I book-talked:

And the children’s choice – no surprises here:


Virtual Meeting: 20 September, http://gatheringbooks.org

Face-to-Face Meeting: 27 September, 11-12nn, JWPL

October: Graphic Novel

My recommended titles:

The children’s choice:


Virtual Meeting: 18 October, http://gatheringbooks.org

Face-to-Face Meeting: 25 October, 11-12 nn, JWPL

November: Fantasy

I booktalked the following titles:

Children’s choice:


15 November: Virtual Meeting, http://gatheringbooks.org

22 November: Face-to-Face Meeting, 11-12nn, JWPL

December: Fiction

My recommended titles:

The children’s choice:


20 December: Virtual Meeting, http://gatheringbooks.org

Face-to-Face Meeting: 27 December: 11-12nn, JWPL

If you have read any of these books, dear friends, please feel free to join us during our virtual discussions.

Looking forward to our upcoming sessions in GatheringReaders.

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