9 Comments on [Monday Reading] Cherokee Strawberries, a Maiden’s Cazuela, One Green Apple and a Chinese Dinner that Cooked Itself – Picturebooks that Celebrate Diversity in Meals and Cultural Traditions

  1. I’m glad I had breakfast before reading your post! I love how these picture books bring together food and culture from around the world.


  2. You always offer such great variety on your reviews. Thanks! Loved Cazuela. Totally wish there was a dinner that cooked itself (curious as to who was doing it!). And need to actually READ One Green Apple. I know we have it at school.


  3. Yay for One Green Apple! Thanks for also sharing another Cherokee tale that is new to me.


  4. I do love seeing the beauty of these illustrations, Myra, will especially look for The Cazuela That the Farm Maiden Stirred. I’m happy you enjoyed Echo. I did, too!


  5. I have been looking for middle grade books with Muslim characters. Most of my Somali students are now strong readers, and they don’t want picture books (several years ago, we were still getting students directly from Somalia). Now our immigrant population has an increasing number of students from Bhutan, and I haven’t seen any books at all about that culture! You always put together great lists!


  6. I love this list of great picture books from many cultures. I’m always interested in Native American stories because my grandmother was Menominee. After reading your comments I looked up Joseph Bruchac. He sounds like an amazing individual!


  7. I love the title “The Dinner That Cooked Itself”. Oh, if only we could find a way to make that happen!!!


  8. Food definitely says something about a culture. I love the various style of illustrations.


  9. The Dinner that Cooked itself looks really interesting – and I see that it is illustrated by Pak who I think is very talented. Great collection of books.


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