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[Poetry Friday] Celebrating My Birthday with Cat Poems ~ Hurrah!

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Fats here.

Today is my birthday (yay!!) and I am happy to celebrate it with you! Before I get lost inside the museums in Cleveland, I would like to share some cat poems for this week’s Poetry Friday. Head over to Buffy’s Blog to see the poetry round-up.

Before I share the poems with you, allow me to tell you a story…

Sitting on my pile of books. How polite of him. Not.

I am not a cat person.
(Or at least I was not.)

I’ve always been a dog lover. Growing up, I was never fond of cats. Until I met Tommy, that is.

Tommy was the ‘shop cat’ where my boyfriend’s dad works. Tommy had a bad habit of running outside and climbing telephone poles. That was when the shop owner suggested that Daniel’s dad take Tommy home where he could be safe.

Taken Last Christmas. He loves those grocery bags.
Taken Last Christmas. Tommy loves those grocery bags.

Tommy is an affectionate attack cat. He is the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide of the feline world. One minute he is sweet, the next minute he is vicious. He tolerates people for the most part, but don’t whine if he attacks you after you provoke him. On days that he is nice, he enjoys being held in your arms like a baby and turns into a purring machine.

Also: Tommy loves butter.

How weekends ought to be spent. This photo was taken last Saturday.
How weekends ought to be spent. This photo was taken last Saturday.

Tommy is the silliest, weirdest cat I’ve ever met in my life. It was love at first bite. ♥

P.S. I still love dogs, but I find cats cuter and funnier now.


I have three poems to contribute this week. The first is a haiku taken from a poetry collection by Michael J. Rosen and Lee White. The book is called The Maine Coon’s Haiku and Other Poems for Cat Lovers. The second and third poems came from another poetry collection entitled Cats Are Cats. The poems were compiled by Nancy Larrick with illustrations by Ed Young.



curled up on your book
cat won’t care what happens next
now’s the only page

– Michael J. Rosen


cat bath

In the midst
Of grooming
Her inner

Her legpf8
High at
Her back,

She looks
Up: with
A pink

Between lip
And lip

– Valerie Worth


Cats Sleep Fatpf9

(An excerpt)

Cats sleep fat and walk thin.
Cats, when they sleep, slump;
When they wake, stretch and begin
Over, pulling their ribs in.
Cats walk thin.

Cats wait in a lump,
Jump in a streak.
Cats, when they jump, are sleek
As a grape slipping its skin —
They have technique
Oh, cats don’t creak.
They sneak.

– Rosalie Moore (from “Catalogue”)

6 comments on “[Poetry Friday] Celebrating My Birthday with Cat Poems ~ Hurrah!

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  2. Noah says that there are no bad cats, just bad dogs. Ha! The more independent and indignant the better… purry and fat is good, too. Cat poems are the best. Noah and I agree on that. is where Noah posts his life when I get a chance to take dictation.
    Thanks for posting these wonderful poems today. They look like books Noah and I would enjoy sharing.


  3. Happy Birthday!!! Love your poem choices and your photos! Hope you have a great year 🙂


  4. Hope your birthday is the cat’s meow. I love all these cat poems that you’ve shared (but adore the haiku.)


  5. maryleehahn

    Happy Birthday! The Nancy Larrick book is one of my favorites, and I can’t wait to get my hands on Michael Rosen’s! MEOW!!


  6. Really cool! Happy birthday! 😀


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