[Poetry Friday]: Science, Faith and Myths

poetry fridayIphigene here.

Continuing with the original poetry I have been posting, today’s post is another original. It’s a recent poem. The first stanza came to me and as the poem took flesh, I stirred it towards a direction of an imagine situation. When a love one is close to death, we may at some point, allow our disbelief to take over. We fight for life. We insist on life. In this poem, I think of such a situation. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks Laura at Writing the World for Kids for hosting.


13 comments on “[Poetry Friday]: Science, Faith and Myths

  1. We are all myths. Wow! Thank you, Myra for the gift of this poem. xo


    • Hi Irene,
      I’m glad you the poem I wrote. This poem began without a title and eventually as those lines came to being, no other title could best capture what this poem is all about.



  2. ‘When neither turn the tides’ is a line that struck me, Iphigene. Sometimes it is the myth of helplessness? Beautiful.


    • Yes, Linda. When I wrote this poem I didn’t know where it would lead. The first stanza was all i had for a few days before the poem’s natural rhythm took me along and then I saw my characters. I saw the desperation, helplessness, anger and grief of one of them. I’m glad you found this poem beautiful. thank you. 🙂


  3. We are all myths, I’m with Irene Latham, what a great line. I love the poem, but especially that line.


    • Thank you Brenda. It’s always a great plus to have written a poem and have other’s enjoy/love it. That was the line that gave birth to the title, it captured that feeling when one feels that neither science nor prayer seem to work. It’s a statement in a way of desperation and truth.


  4. Thanks for sharing this moving poem–the second to last stanza really spoke to me, too. “What is the Us, when the She has gone/Where the I cannot follow?” A question for the ages…


    • Hi,
      The last part of the poem came as a natural progression to the events in the poem and those lines you mention i think was a culminating question to the events. Im glad you liked it. Thanks.


  5. This is wonderful, Myra. I especially connected to the anguish in “What use of science? What use of faith? / When neither turn the tides…” Powerful.


    • Hi Laura,
      Iphigene here. Im glad you enjoyed my poem. When this poem took form the juxtaposition of science and faith became the core struggle as one comes to terms with death and yet neither can truly defy the inevitable. Thanks for dropping by.


  6. maryleehahn

    My PO-EMotion word for today (Saturday) is despair. Along with some rage, I get a healthy dose of despair from your poem. No matter that death is a natural part of the cycle of life, we rage against it…


    • Hi marylee,
      You speak truth. No one ever gets used to losing someone and no amount of exposure lessens the pain. I am glad though that this poem was able to communicate the despair and desperation. I am definitely checking your post today. Thanks.


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