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It’s Monday, What are You Reading is a meme hosted by Jen from Teach Mentor Texts and Kellee and Ricki from Unleashing Readers (brainchild of Sheila at BookJourney). Since two of our friends, Linda from Teacher Dance and Tara from A Teaching Life have been joining this meme for quite awhile now, we thought of joining this warm and inviting community.

Last Week’s Review and Miscellany Posts

We’re also inviting everyone to join our Award Winning Books Reading Challenge for 2015 (#AWBRead2015)! It’s that time of the year to set new reading goals for the coming year.


Here is the sign up page and the March-April Linky if you already have reviews up. One randomly-selected participant would receive a copy of A Song for Ella Grey by David Almond, courtesy of Pansing books.

A Song For Ella Grey by David Almond
A Song For Ella Grey by David Almond

Click here to view Myra’s announcement post for more details.

Many thanks to Iphigene for this gorgeous poster.
Many thanks to Iphigene for this gorgeous poster.

For our March-April theme, Grey and Golden, Young and Fleeting, I thought it would be nice to start my contribution with books that celebrate the joy of having a grandfather. Here are four different children’s books that share four lovely grandpa stories told in the perspectives of grandchildren.

grandpa1How to Babysit a Grandpa

Written by: Jean Reagan
Illustrated by: Lee Wildish
Published by: Alfred A. Knopf (2012)
Book borrowed from Twinsburg Public Library.

This hilarious and delightful book by Jean Reagan is brought to life with the quirky and adorable illustrations by Lee Wildish. How to Babysit a Grandpa is a New York Times bestselling picture book about a boy and his grandfather. The book begins with the grandfather visiting the boy’s house. The story is told in the point of view of the child, implying that it is a “guide” to babysitting a grandpa.

The book offers essential tips on being an excellent grandpa-sitter and making sure that babysitting a grandpa is absolutely fun. Some of these tips include snacks for a grandpa, what to do on a walk, and how to entertain a grandpa. The book also suggests other things to try such as lifting him with your muscles, tickling his nose and his toes, and singing “On Top of Old Smokey” softly, then louder and LOUDER.

My favorite is that last bit in the book about How to Say Goodbye to a Grandpa:

  • Surprise him with the picture (of you and your grandpa splashing in a puddle).
  • Give him a hug and a kiss, a hug and a kiss, a hug and a kiss.
  • And ask, “When can I babysit you again?”

I cannot recommend this book enough. It’s too cute and definitely worth sharing with the kids.

granpda2When I Am Old with You

Written by: Angela Johnson
Illustrated by: David Soman
Published by: Orchard Books (1990)
Book borrowed from Wayne County Public Library.

Dedicated to Angela’s parents and David’s grandmother, When I Am Old with You is brimming with love. Tender words and captivating watercolor illustrations fill the page as readers are shown the strong bond between a “granddaddy” and a child. The relationship between the two transcends time, defying the bittersweet reality that the child will never be old with his grandfather. On a more positive note, the lines uttered by the child and the accompanying illustrations in the book illustrate that they can still share happy days together.

When I am old with you Granddaddy, we will open up that old cedar chest and try on all the old clothes that your granddaddy left you.

We can look at the old pictures and try to imagine the old people in them.

It might make us cry… but that’s O.K.

And it is. Although the book does not exactly explore death and dying, the ending is symbolic of being reunited with our loved ones in the afterlife. The child says that at the end of their walk, when they are both tired, he will sit in a big rocking chair… beside his granddaddy.

grandpa3Song and Dance Man

Written by: Karen Ackerman
Illustrated by: Stephen Gammell
Published by: Alfred A. Knopf (1988)
Book borrowed from Wayne County Public Library.

In Song and Dance Man, Karen Ackerman introduces readers to Grandpa, a song and dance man who performed on the vaudeville stage in the old days. Grandpa always looks forward to his grandchildren’s visits because these are times when he could share about the good old, song and dance days. The children would follow Grandpa up in the attic as Grandpa gets ready to put on a song and dance show, with fun tricks up his sleeve.

There are too many dance steps and too many words in the song for us to remember, but the show is better than any show on TV.

The song and dance man stops and leans forward with a wink.

“What’s that in your ear?” he asks, and he pulls a silver dollar out of somebody’s hair.

Stephen Gammell’s signature bright colored illustrations capture the marvelous life of Grandpa as a song and dance man back in the days. Ending the show is always a bittersweet moment for Grandpa but he tells his grandchildren that he wouldn’t trade a million good old days for the days he spends with them. This affectionate picture book won the Caldecott Medal in 1989.

grandpa4Thank You, Grandpa

Written by: Lynn Plourde
Illustrated by: Jason Cockcroft
Published by: Dutton Children’s Books (2003)
Book borrowed from Wayne County Public Library.

Here is yet another lyrical children’s book depicting the love between a grandfather and child. I was floored by the beauty of both text and illustrations in the book. The tender words spoken by both grandfather and child will tug at your heartstrings. The paintings reflect the fragility of life and allow for a smooth transition between the different seasons in the book. I suppose one can expect no less from an accomplished watercolor artist and portrait painter such as Jason Cockcroft who, by the way, illustrated the covers of the last three books of the Harry Potter series, U.K. edition.

In Thank You, Grandpa, readers are shown a grandfather and granddaughter enjoying walks through the woods since the girl was barely old enough to toddle. Each walk offers a discovery of nature’s many wonders. In one of their walks, the girl finds a dead grasshopper and learns from her grandfather how to say thank you and goodbye.

“Thank you, Grandpa, for our walks. You kept me steady when I wasn’t so steady. You let me run ahead when I was ready to run ahead. Thank you for sharing spiderweb tears and firefly flashes. But most of all, thank you for teaching me the words I need to say.”

Thank You, Grandpa is one of the loveliest picture books I have read this year.

Currently Reading…

Oh boy, where do I start?


I have finished Impostor by Susanne Winnacker a while back. It’s about time I get started on Twist by Tom Grass. Both books are review copies that were graciously sent by Pansing Books in Singapore. We are always grateful for your support! I’ll feature both books as soon as I get done with Twist. I am only at 14% but the story is pretty fast-paced. Twist is a modern retelling of Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist. The story is interesting, so far. We’ll see how events unfold.


I was drooling over Yes Please by Amy Poehler when I first saw the book at the library. I loved her in NBC’s Parks and Recreation, and I was excited to read her hilarious and candid book that contains a collection of stories, thoughts, and ideas from one of my favorite entertainers.


Finally, I am hoping to finish Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain before this month is over. I started reading this book end of January and I have only read 36% of it. This is part of my reading list for Book Riot’s 2015 Read Harder Challenge. Slow progress is not directly proportional to reading enjoyment. I love, love, love this book!


I would like to wish Myra the happiest of birthdays sprinkled with faerie dust!



Happy Birthday 



When I Am Old with YouCorretta Scott King Honor Book (1991)

Song and Dance Man, Caldecott Medal (1989)

#AWBReads2015 Challenge Update: 21 and 22 of 35

6 comments on “[Monday Reading] A Tribute to All Grandfathers in the World

  1. Awww, thanks baby girl! Love you much!

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  2. I love those Grandpa books and want to get them to read to our grandson!


  3. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY Miss Myra!!! 😀 Hope you had a SUPER day! 🙂
    I love these grandpa books – there aren’t a ton out there. There s one I really like Called Tea With Gandpa by Barney Saltzberg. Check it out if you can find it! 🙂

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  4. Aww, Grandpa’s are such special people. Thanks for sharing all those beautiful books!


  5. These Grandpa books look terrific 🙂 (I’ve only seen HOW TO BABYSIT.) And a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MYRA! 🙂

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