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[Poetry Friday]: Sometimes there was Art

poetry friday

Iphigene here.


For the months of January and February, we, at GB are partly revisiting our childhood through the books we read. In line with our theme, I’m sharing today an original poem I wrote in 2014. While I am not as prolific as I was back in the early 2000s where I wrote poetry like a woman possessed, I seem to still write poetry as a means of reflection. This poem reflects my musing on the idea that life is uncertain and yet, we live for that uncertainty.

I hope you enjoy it. Thanks Tara of A Teaching Life for hosting today. 🙂

Note: Change in Font Color indicates following stanza. WordPress for some reason isn’t allowing me to break my poem.



by Iphigene Daradar

Sometimes there was art

Sometimes there was no art

Like a summer day with clouds

Dark, a coat over a summer dress

And rain never coming

Like a child attempting to hold

In clasp hands water

Crossing the road gently only

To come to her destination

Empty wet hands

And no water

I watch the road, in heat and rain

In the barrenness of days and the noise

Of evening, but like a child

I find my way back

Empty hands, wet cheeks.

Sometimes there was faith

Sometimes there was no faith

Where prayers slide off my mouth

Only for worry lines to grow

Between my brow

I let myself stumble,

Like a little child

bringing her legs up

Wobbling, taking tiny steps

But faltering to tears

And lifting arms for someone

To carry, to soothe away

Only to lift mine

To space and stillness

they said, like the turning of days

The uncertainty of weather,

We live life for it,

For the certainty of the never same

Of the never real

Rolling off our beds

For tiniest bits of rain on a hot day

Sun on a stormy morning

and another day

After a good night sleep

9 comments on “[Poetry Friday]: Sometimes there was Art

  1. Wonderful poem, loved the color changes, like mood changes. A good night’s sleep is the best ending to any endeavor.


  2. It feels like a poem of hope, Iphigene, all through the days. I love the analogy of rain & wet, love “For the certainty of the never same”.


    • Hi Linda,
      It definitely is about hope. We think of uncertainty often as a scary thing, but it is uncertainty that allows us to hope.
      thanks you as always for dropping by. 🙂


  3. Beautiful, Iphigene. Wistful, sad, and hopeful at the same time.


  4. Karen Edmisten

    I just want to take the line, “Sometimes there was art” and carry it around with me. 🙂


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