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[BHE 141] Book Hunting in San Francisco and More PictureBooks from the Library


Myra here.

Every Sunday, it has been a tradition for us to share the books that have found their way into our hands and hearts – either through covert or fairly-straightforward means. These are books that we have borrowed from libraries, were orphaned in our doorsteps, or bought from obscure second-hand booksellers or huge-unfeeling-retail bookstores.

Today, I am glad to share the books that hunted me down while I was in San Francisco last month, as well as the books that I have just recently borrowed from our public libraries in connection with our current reading theme.

Library BookSale in San Francisco


Bookhunters need caffeine, especially when one is about to go to a bound-to-be-crowded Library Booksale!


Some Silken Splendour for the Road.


Now this is what’s called A buck A book. 🙂


Pretty decent titles too. Good welcoming committee.


Frenzied book buyers.


More bookish decor.


Daughter going crazy over comics!


Lots of hardcover books too.


25 cents per comics.


4 comics for 1 dollar.


Properly outfitted for comic-hunting!


A short coffee break before we head on to the next bookstore.


My husband’s book loot since he prints shirts (and canvas bags, mugs, etc).


My husband also had a grand time at this book sale, clearly.


My modest book buys – The Dreaming: Through the Gates of Horn and Ivory by Caitlín R. Kiernan, Peter Hogan, Jeff Nicholson, Peter Doherty (Illustrator), Paul Lee; A Drowned Maiden’s Hair by Laura Amy Schlitz, author of Splendors and Glooms.


And ….. my comic book loot! Next Testament series by Clive Barker.


My 13 year old girl’s book loot!

Borderlands Books, San Francisco

866 Valencia St. 
San Francisco CA 94110 


I think we only had a chance to take a sneak peek in this area, but didn’t have the opportunity to really explore the place at great length.


Inviting titles: Gorey Galore! My kind of book store.

Dog Eared Books

900 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110, United States


This is my fourth or fifth visit to San Francisco – and this is the first time I chanced upon this book store (thanks to my soul sister who brings me to the most interesting places while in SF), and the first time that I didn’t get to go to my beloved Green Apple. But no matter, I did find quite a few gorgeous titles from this place. Just look at their shelves!

And here’s my book loot from the place:


Dark Places by Gillian Flynn (because I enjoyed reading Gone Girl), and Rock n Roll Mad Libs.


This is technically not my book loot, but a present that my 13 year old daughter’s godmother bought for her while we were at the bookstore: Four by Veronica Roth.


The Third Reich and Woes of the True Policeman by Roberto Bolaño.


A friend asked me to find this book for her as apparently it can’t be found anywhere here in Singapore: Fantastic Voyage by Isaac Asimov.


IQ84 by Haruki Murakami, Runaway: Stories by Alice Munro.

Book Presents from Friends in San Francisco


Meanwhile in San Francisco: The City in its Own Words by Wendy MacNaughton from my very good friend/soul sister pictured above.


Surprisingly, our AirBnB host, Esther Mok, apparently is a published author herself! She was kind enough to give me copies of her picturebooks: Gossip Queen and Sumo the Wrestling Elephant.

Throwback Reads Borrowed through Interlibrary Loan


The Big Red Book of Beginner Books and The Big Blue Book of Beginner Books.


My favourites as a child: A Fish Out of Water by Helen Palmer, Wacky Wednesday by Dr. Seuss illustrated by George Booth.


A Fly Went By by Mike McClintock and illustrated by Fritz Siebel, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut by Dr. Seuss.


Are You My Mother? by P. D. Eastman, Flap Your Wings by P. D. Eastman.


The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss, Because A Little Bug Went Ka-Choo by Dr. Seuss and illustrated by Michael K. Frith, Big Dog… Little Dog by P. D. Eastman.

Love for Cybils: More Library Loot


Nonfiction titles: Handle With Care – An Unusual Butterfly Journey by Loree Griffin Burns, The Case of the Vanishing Little Brown Bats: A Scientific Mystery by Sandra Markle.


Finally! The Book With No Pictures by B. J. Novak.

How about you, dear friends, what are the books that found you this week? Do send us your recommended reads for our Throwback Reading! We’d love to know the books that made you a reader.

5 comments on “[BHE 141] Book Hunting in San Francisco and More PictureBooks from the Library

  1. I cannot get over all the places you go, all the bookstores you visit and all the treasures you find! I’m guessing you’re keeping record–a count–of how many bookstores you’ve visited and how many countries/states?! Love seeing Suess and ARE YOU MY MOTHER 😀 Straight from my childhood 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Like the person above, I am amazed at all the bookshops you and your family visited. What book hauls! How did you ever get it all home? My Kiddo lives in Oakland now, and I’m going to send her the names of the bookstores you have for San Francisco. She’s always on the lookout for books and bookshops. Thanks for sharing all your book hunting adventures.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. What a fun journey! And some of your hauls brought me memories of my own..

    Liked by 1 person

  4. All of these pictures are beautiful! It looks as if you had a great time on your trip, and I hope you were driving so you didn’t have to pay to bring all that weight home!


    • we took the greyhound from San Francisco back to San Diego – BUT we did bring everything all the way back from the US to Singapore where we live. 🙂


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