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[Bhe 132] Picturebook Love – the Library Edition


Myra here.

Every Sunday, we share the books that have haunted us and called to us from library bookshelves, or stalked us until we gave in and brought them home, or the books that have been orphaned in our doorsteps for the past several weeks or so. This week, I am featuring a few books that I borrowed from our public libraries in SG before I left (now in San Diego), and which I am hoping to feature for our current reading theme.

Many thanks, dear Iphigene, for this lovely widget. Truly beautiful.
Many thanks, dear Iphigene, for this lovely widget. Truly beautiful.

Library Loot (PictureBook Love)


Henny by Elizabeth Rose Stanton and Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great by Bob Shea.


The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen and paintings by Bagram Ibatoulline, Three Bears In A Boat by David Soman.

Christmas-themed Stories


And because it’s never too early to borrow books for Christmas: The Perfect Christmas by Eileen Spinelli and illustrated by JoAnn Adinolfi, Manger with poems selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins and illustrations by Helen Cann.

Picturebook Biographies


Mr. Wayne’s Masterpiece by Patricia Polacco.


The Right Word: Roget and His Thesaurus by Jen Bryant and Melissa Sweet.

Superduper Special Library Find


Delirium’s Party: An Endless Storybook by Jill Thompson.

How about you, dear friends, what are the books that found you the past few weeks? Do you know any neat bookstores here in San Diego that I can visit? Do share!

1 comment on “[Bhe 132] Picturebook Love – the Library Edition

  1. Myra, all my new books are upstairs so I can’t list them here (too tired and busy to push myself!), but I found 12 PBs at my library, all at 25 cents each. Could NOT resist! And, of course, I purchased the amazing SAM & DAVE DIG A HOLE 😀 😀 😀 You’ve got some great ones here! LOVE “Unicorn” 🙂


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