[Poetry Friday]: Sapiosexual

poetry fridayIphigene Here.

It seems that Myra and Fats are better at finding poems for our theme, so I hope you don’t mind that today’s Poetry Friday is an original I wrote a few months back. Like most poems, this one found me exploring the ideas of relationships that are too close, but not close enough to be romantic. As I explore this idea, the words tumbled over and the title found itself spitted out of my pen.


I hope you enjoy it, its been a while since I last wrote a poem and I haven’t been exercising my poetry muscle as often as I used to. Thanks to Merely Day by Day for hosting today’s poetry friday.


I miss

The way our

Breath mingles, endlessly as

We talk through the night–

A kiss suspended in space,

Between lips, words and air.


Surfaces touching, one suppleness

Over the other, pushing,

Hesitating, clumsily

Moving back and forth

was needless intimacy


We lived for the space—

the hairline distance between our

Skin, between the touch

That filled itself with static,

With anticipation and anxiety

Of something never happening


Consummation was for the impatient

For the uninitiated in the union

Of fleshless beings. For the hottest

Of flames burn not in the meeting

Of bodies, but in the meeting

Of souls.


Each invisible exchange superseded

Lustful desire. We needed it, as if

We were parts of each others existence,

A phantom limb for an amputated

Wholeness only to be filled with

A parlay of words


An exchange of mind—if not our

Very existence, where the union of

The unseen, the friction of two souls

Could only be measured by heat, felt in

Untouched surfaces and immeasurable

Desire for the romantic dance of

Mind, Spirit and Being.


Breathlessly, Continuously

In the nakedness of nakedness

Where the vessels by which we exist in

Need not touch, but only be

Conduits to the depths of our minds


*Sapiosexual – n. A person who is attracted to intelligent people

16 comments on “[Poetry Friday]: Sapiosexual

  1. Thanks for sharing another original poem, Iphigene. I enjoyed reading it. 🙂


  2. There are, or can be, those times: “Wholeness only to be filled with/A parlay of words”. Thanks, Iphigene.


  3. Iphigene, the line, “Breath mingles, endlessly as We talk through the night–” is an interesting way of phrasing the act of conversing. Thank you for presenting your original poem.


  4. Wow! “The meeting of souls” *swoon*. Beautifully written, achingly experienced. Thanks for sharing, Iphogene. =)


  5. You don’t seem out of practice to me, Iphigene! Your opening stanza is divine.


    • Hi Michelle,
      I’m glad it didn’t seem that way, but I haven’t been as prolific or as studied in writing poems as i used to. I am indeed out of practice. I’m glad you liked the opening line. I don’t like to claim it as my own, i would say the muses inspired that first stanza. It kept coming and begging that i write it out into a poem.


  6. Just lovely – sensuous and sensitive.


    • Hi Tara,
      I’m glad you enjoyed this poem. It took some time to come up with each stanza and make it cohesive, even though I posted this up here I was still a bit unsure about it, but I’m glad that i was able to communicate that sensuality


  7. Oh, the dance of the mind.



  8. maryleehahn

    Yes, Cathy — the dance of the minds…and the meeting of the souls!


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