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Thanks to Michelle from Today’s Little Ditty for hosting today’s Poetry Friday

Iphigene here.

Looking for Sci-Fi related poetry can be difficult but luckily finding poems that talk about the heavenly constellations isn’t too difficult. Today, I once again stretched the possibilities within our reading theme and share another poem by a local poet. Our contribution today was written by Neal Imperial. The poet is also a career diplomat. After a long stint as Consult General of the Philippine Embassy in Singapore, he has been reassigned to the Department of Foreign Affairs. Prior to his diplomatic career, he  was a teacher at the Ateneo de Manila University.  This poem is from his poetry collection: Silver Fish, Hook of Moon.



The moon stares

like an orphan

on the sill:

A blot of light

in the blight

of air.

How far it bleeds

from the clutch

of my stare,

How near

the distance

to my heart.

Through the same screen now dry

with stardust, the embers of fireflies,

I gaze at birds, coal-blind, clench

their wings and fall

like stones in the black wind

This is all

the stitch of time,

the sameness of a room


I am father

of my past, its progeny

of grief.

I hope you enjoyed the poem.

16 comments on “[Poetry Friday] The Moon Stares

  1. This poem gave me time to rethink the moon as it STARES at us. The line, “like an orphan,” got me to think even more deeply. Thank you for sharing a piece from across the seas.


  2. Love “the clutch of my stare.” This is the kind of poem you can read over and over and find something new and remarkable each time. Thanks for sharing!


  3. I just LOVE those first three lines!

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  4. How near/the distance/to my heart — sigh.
    You might like to look at these sci fi poetry resources: http://sfpoetry.com/links.html


  5. maryleehahn

    It always amazes me that there are still fresh new ways to write about the moon!


  6. “A blot of light/in the blight/of air.” I swoon for this moon..poem, Iphagene. =)


  7. I also love that line: a blot of light in the blight of air.” So musical, and so full of moon!

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  8. Neal Imperial


    Thank you for posting my poem on your site. I never intended it as a poem for science fiction readers but I guess a poem acquires its own life and meaning once published. I appreciate all the positive comments.

    Just a small note: the fifth to the last line should include the article “a” and should read “the sameness of a room reminds.”

    With every good wish,

    Neal Imperial


    • Hi,

      I am dumbfounded that the poet I featured left a comment. As to the science fiction, trust me, I am quite aware your poem is far far from being scifi. I noted in this post that i was stretching the definition and was allowed by the site’s ‘editor’ to include poetry about celestial bodies, hence your poem.

      I try as much as possible to feature Filipino poets when posting poetry for the Poetry Friday Meme and it is my pleasure to always be able to bring to the world even in the tiniest of ways Filipino poetry. I am glad you found our site and I appreciate the time you took to leave us a comment.

      I edited the line you pointed out.

      Thanks again.



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