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[BHE 121] Goodies from Epigram Books, Pansing Books, and Library Love


Myra here.

It’s my favourite day of the week, Sunday! Time to share the books that have found their way into our hands, whispered to us from bookshelves, and persuaded us to adopt them through nefarious or fairly-legal means.

Sent by Epigram Books


I am excited to read this new middle grade book series from Singapore written by Lesley-Anne & Monica Lim: Danger Dan Confronts the Merlion Mastermind, Danger Dan Tackles the Majulah Mayhem, Danger Dan Spooks the Peculiar Peranakan Pirate.

From Pansing Books


I am pleasantly surprised to receive these review copies from Pansing Books: The Nine Emperors by David Logan for our sci-fi theme, Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo for our Fantasy Overload reading theme in November/December.

From the Library


I borrowed these two graphic novels from the library in keeping with our current reading theme on War and Poetry, Refuge and Peace…


….and simply because I’m on a Joe Sacco reading binge: War’s End: Profiles from Bosnia 1995-96, The Fixer: A Story from Sarajevo.


This is for our GatheringReaders Book Club this August. I borrowed two copies: one for myself and another one for my 12 year old girl: My Name is Mina by David Almond.


This is another book that we are reading for GatheringReaders for the month of September: Midwinterblood by Marcus Sedgwick.

How about you, dear friends, what are the books that found their way into your hands the past several weeks or so?

2 comments on “[BHE 121] Goodies from Epigram Books, Pansing Books, and Library Love

  1. Excited to read your review of local kid superhero Danger Dan! 🙂


  2. yay i found midwinterblood at jurong central library. Reading it now


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