[Saturday Cybils] Mr Tiger Goes WILD by Peter Brown

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The CYBILS logo was downloaded from the CYBILS official website.

Myra here.

I am very excited to share the 2013 Fiction Picture Book Winner in Cybils. It truly was a privilege to once again, be a part of the Second Round Panel of Judges for this category. I am fortunate to be working with such a hardworking and passionate group of people who are very diplomatic and congenial in sharing their thoughts about picturebooks that moved us. And this one, evidently touched our hearts.


Let me just quote from Jane Breen (of Piper Loves the Library)’s write-up which effectively summarized the committee’s thoughts about the book. This could also be found in the Cybils website.

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild opens to muted tones of a proper Victorian society of well-mannered animals, living in houses and walking on two legs. Surrounded by an abundance of subdued suits, ties, dresses and tea, the daily hum-drum pushes Mr. Tiger outside the city limits to a place where he can ROAR! But first he undergoes the drama and surprising silliness of life on four legs, a swim in the water fountain and *gasp* a view of his magnificent, naked self. Confident artistic elements start on the decorative endpapers, capitalize on the freedom of double page illustrations, built intensity with the color palette, and combine seamlessly with the lean text of most carefully selected words. With great comedic timing and a light-handed touch on message, Peter Brown has written a clever, compelling invitation to self-discovery.  

I personally feel that this is an immensely powerful book that celebrates the richness of diversity and being true to one’s self without necessarily distancing one’s self from everyone else. This book is also the perfect soft-opening for our new bimonthly theme which we will be officially launching tomorrow. Mr Tiger eventually found a happy compromise without sacrificing his integrity or his truth – how he managed this I shall leave for you to discover. Definitely a book to treasure. And a sure winner.

Mr Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown. Published by Macmillan Children’s Books, 2013. Book borrowed from the public library. Book photos taken by me.



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6 Comments on [Saturday Cybils] Mr Tiger Goes WILD by Peter Brown

  1. Love this book!


  2. Wow 😃 I want to read the book


  3. I want to read this! 😀


  4. Hi Myra! I know you must have had many books to consider for this award. Mr Tiger is a great choice as it has many layers – funny but rich with integrity. We have this in our library and I will be sharing it with my class on Monday and telling them about the award. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Myra, you picked a great book to highlight today. This is a great book! I love the way Peter executed all of it, and you can appreciate it even more when you learn more about his process. Right now it’s featured on his home page 😀



  6. This book definitely deserves its accolades. We enjoyed it recently from the library, and I really think it makes the grade to go on our bookshelf.


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