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Time flies so fast! One more week left for February! I’m sharing a few more books on our theme, Game of Thrones, for today’s Book Hunting Expeditions. I’m not familiar with any of these titles but am glad to finally get acquainted with them. I borrowed these books from the Wesmark branch of the Sumter County Library, which is only a five-minute drive from my house. Yay! I hope you find these titles interesting and add them to your reading list someday. Happy Sunday, everyone!

Boy Adventures


Knight’s Castle by Edward Eager and N.M. Bodecker
Digory and the Lost King by Angela McAllister and Ian Beck
Marvin Redpost: Kidnapped at Birth? by Louis Sachar

The book covers for Knight’s Castle and Digory and the Lost King reminded me of the drawings of Quentin Blake, the same artist who brought to life so many of Roald Dahl’s stories. I was delighted to find another Louis Sachar book. His stories are always fun to read!

Frog Stories


King Long Shanks by Jane Yolen and Victoria Chess
The Frog Prince retold by Jan Ormerod

I meant to include these in my reviews of A Frog Prince and The Prince of the Pond but the books were in separate locations at the time. I didn’t want to make a second trip if I could borrow all books from the same branch. Glad no one checked out these titles!

The Prince, The King, and Their People


The Prince and the Salmon People by Claire Rudolf Murphy and Duane Pasco
Sir Cumference and All the King’s Tens: A Math Adventure by Cindy Neuschwander and Wayne Geehan

I found The Prince and the Salmon People last minute, displayed nicely on top of a shelf, while I was already in line to check out. Thankfully, my supportive boyfriend was with me. I was able to sneak out and grab the book—not that it was a big deal, really. Heh! The Math adventure books sounds fun! I love when I come across books that add twist to learning!

A Little Bit of Magic


The Firebird by Jane Yolen and Vladimir Vagin
The Invisible Princess by Faith Ringgold

Another Faith Ringgold book for the win! I loved her since I read Tar Beach, which I reviewed two years ago! Her story is as her art. Jane Yolen’s Firebird is something that Iphigene might like since she loves the phoenix.

Miscellaneous Reads


Lightship by Brian Floca
The Secret Knowledge of Grown-Ups: The Second File by David Wisniewski

While I searched for books in my list, I saw a few titles that caught my attention. How could I say no? I didn’t find The First File for The Secret Knowledge of Grown-Ups so I guess I’ll save that for another book hunt!




So excited I found a copy of this! I was hoping I’d get a chance to read it, especially after reading Myra’s review of the d’Aulaires’ Norse and Greek Myths a couple of months ago. (Has it really been that long? Jeez.) Anyway, yay for this and for another successful book hunting expedition!

What about you, dear readers?
What books have found their way into your hands this week?

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3 comments on “[BHE 94] More Love for Royalty

  1. Oh man, I remember reading one of Louis Sachar’s book and then at the end there was an excerpt of Kidnapped at Birth? and it scared me so much! From then on I was always scared to look at Louis Sachar’s books.


    • Fats Suela

      Haha! Scared in what way, though? Have you read his book, Holes? It’s a really good story. That was the first Louis Sachar book I’ve read.


  2. Oh wow! Hopefully you can still feature a few titles from your loot in the coming week! They all look great!


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