[Photo Journal / A-Z Photo Story Challenge] G is for Glorious Golden Glow of Sunrise



Myra here.

It’s been quite awhile since I joined Frizztext’s A-Z Photo Story Challenge. I am glad to be back with the letter G, as I share this recently-captured photograph from an overnight camping trip that I had with my husband a few weeks ago.

Glorious Golden Glow of the Sunrise


The sun was just gradually peeking through the clouds here. It must have been around 7 in the morning.


And there it is. It was such a privilege to witness the sun gradually rise to the skies in all its golden glory. After posting a few photos on Facebook, a dear artist friend of mine was inspired to paint the colours of dawn as you can see in this artwork:


My daughter and I are holding on to the artwork, while the fabulous artist herself, Madam Susanna Goho-Quek is behind my daughter. Truly beautiful.

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2 Comments on [Photo Journal / A-Z Photo Story Challenge] G is for Glorious Golden Glow of Sunrise

  1. Spectacular sunrise! And the painting is gorgeous!


  2. hi Myra, thank you for introducing
    the painter Susanna Goho-Quek!


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