[Valentine Week 2014] Amy Lowell, Chinua Achebe, and Plans for IBGD #giveabook

Myra here.

It’s International Book Giving Day today!


To celebrate IBGD, I am planning on leaving these books around Singapore today.


Poetry and Book Love


Since we are also celebrating romance through poetry this week, here are two more beautiful poems that I found from this book.


I thought that they are companion poems as they seem to respond to each other’s anguish. Similar to what I always do, I took a photo of the book page and edited it using an iPhone app.


On the opposite page is Chinua Achebe’s poem. A perfect ‘response’ I thought to Amy Lowell’s silent cry of resignation.


“Bear with me my love/ in the hour of my silence;”


Happy Valentine’s Day dear friends! For more poetry love, head on over to Linda Baie of Teacher Dance for Poetry Friday!

poetry friday

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6 Comments on [Valentine Week 2014] Amy Lowell, Chinua Achebe, and Plans for IBGD #giveabook

  1. I think you took my favorite line too, Myra from Chinua Achebe’s poem, and notice, again, there in Amy Lowell’s poem, the moon appears again. It’s so often there isn’t it? Thank you! Have a wonderful day with your family!


  2. Love Song For Anna – this is so beautiful, Myra.


  3. “I am tired, Beloved, of chafing my heart against
    The want of you”
    Achingly powerful. Thanks for sharing, Myra. Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤


  4. Wow. I’m always surprised to find a poet of an earlier generation like Lowell sounding so modern and so raw, and I’m not familiar with Achebe’s work, so this was a double treat–two poems, two pains, two echoing voices. Wonderful choices, Myra.


  5. Two beautiful poems! Thanks for sharing.


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