[Poetry Friday] A Valentine 3-in-1 Collaborative Blogpost from the Ladies of GatheringBooks

poetry friday

Myra, Iphigene, and Fats here.

We are very excited to do one of our rare collaborative blogposts. We thought it would be quite fitting since it’s rare that Valentine’s Day would fall exactly on a Poetry Friday. Since we are on a love-binge this week, we are here to share with you the love poems that spoke to us today. If you wish to make this a very poetic Valentine’s Day, I suggest you head over to the beautiful Linda from Teacher Dance who is hosting the Lovefest this week.

Like what I always do (Myra), I took screenshot photos of the webpage where I found the poems and edited it using an iPhone app. Enjoy dear friends!

Myra’s Valentine Poem: ee cummings’ [love is more thicker than forget]


Fats’ Valentine Poem: Ella Wheeler Wilcox’s Love’s Language



Iphigene’s Valentine Poem: Bright Star from John Keats


Here is a read-aloud of Bright Star found on Youtube:

How about you, dear friends, what is your Valentine poem?

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13 Comments on [Poetry Friday] A Valentine 3-in-1 Collaborative Blogpost from the Ladies of GatheringBooks

  1. Three gorgeous poems! Thank you, ladies, and a happy Valentine’s Day to you!


  2. Wow, all lovely sentiments aren’t they? Love them all, you love birds Myra, Fats and Iphigene! Thank you!


  3. Breathtaking! Nice job by Tom Hiddleston 🙂 Here’s a valentine poem for you: “Love and the National Defense” by Holly Karapetkova. http://karapetkova.com/poems/love-and-the-national-defense/


  4. I love them all but especially the ee cummings. How does he get away with that?


  5. All three “get”love…but the cummings poem is special, which is why I shared it,too. Happy Valentine’s Day, lovely ladies!


  6. ee – i remember when in high school i was first introduced to his works fascinating to me


  7. The simile of love’s emotions moving like weighty barges — so true. This was a wonderful trio of poems, ladies. I’m always a sucker for William Carlos Williams’ love poem “This Is Just to Say.”


  8. Thanks for the love fest. Cummings has always been my favorite poet, I enjoyed reading Wilcox’s poem for the first time and seeing Keats — which reminds me of college days.


  9. Perfect poems for today’s Love Fest! Thanks for spreading the love…<3


  10. Three very different expressions of love, yet all resound so deeply! Thanks x3 for this love-ly post!


  11. LOVE x 3!!!


  12. Well I’m a day late but still enjoyed the love sentiments from all of you! I’m particularly fond of e.e. cummings so I think this one tops my list. Hope all of you had a lovely Valentine’s day! Thanks for the romance!


  13. Beautiful entry from the 3 of you! Wow!


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