[Valentine Week 2014] Sometimes it Happens by Brian Patten


Myra here.

I found this poem that I’d be sharing with you from The Picador Book of Love Poems edited by John Stammers which I simply could not stop reading. The selections are all wonderful.


This is the first time that I have read anything written by Brian Patten. I have taken a picture of the page and edited it using an iPhone app. I was moved by how there is a sense of letting go tinged with quiet nostalgia, and possibly, even the bittersweet taste of regret in this poem – for the simple reason that “Sometimes it happens.”


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6 Comments on [Valentine Week 2014] Sometimes it Happens by Brian Patten

  1. I unliked this post just so I can like it again! That second verse, though! Hahaha. The entire excerpt is beautiful! =)


  2. “And the years flare up and are gone./quicker than a minute.” Beautiful, Myra. I don’t know this poem at all, or the poet and book. Thank you!


  3. This sounds like a great poem, I’m going to have to check out that book!


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