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[BHE 89] Of Cute Princesses, Royal Dilemma, and Fawg Pins

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It’s Sunday! It’s time for another Book Hunting Expedition! As we continue our theme on Blue Bloods, Queenship, Aristocracy, I am sharing with you my book haul from the Sumter public library. I hope you find good titles to add to your reading list!


Tales of the Cute


Princess Says Goodnight by Naomi Howland and David Small
The Queen of France by Tim Wadham and Kady MacDonald Denton

Stories of the Brave


The Storytelling Princess by Rafe Martin and Kimberly Bulcken Root
The Gift by Bob J. Bernreuter

Royal Duties and Dilemma


Clever Lollipop by Dick King-Smith and Jill Barton
The Missing Tarts by B.G. Hennessy and Tracey Campbell Pearson

Cold-blooded Blue Bloods


The Prince of the Pond (Otherwise Known as De Fawg Pin) by Donna Jo Napoli and Judith Byron Schachner
A Frog Prince by the Brothers Grimm, as retold and illustrated by Alix Berenzy

Knights in Shining Armor


Igraine the Brave by Cornelia Funke
Ghost Knight by Cornelia Funke
Brave Young Knight by Karen Kingsbury and Gabrielle Grimard

Royalty Across the Globe


Princesses of the World by Katell Goyer and Misstigri

How about you, dear friends?
What are the books you’ve bought or borrowed this week?

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1 comment on “[BHE 89] Of Cute Princesses, Royal Dilemma, and Fawg Pins

  1. What a great bunch of books and none that I’ve read yet!


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