[Singapore Writers Festival 2013] Sherlock Sam Treasure Hunt!


The buzz about the Singapore Writers Festival this year is growing. With so many internationally-recognized authors coming, so many wonderful activities and workshops, book signings, literary dinners going on during the festival, it’s bound to be jam-packed with book enthusiasts and lovers of the written word.

For children who may wish to be part of the Festival, you’d be pleased to know that the greatest kid detective in Singapore, Sherlock Sam, will be doing a Treasure Hunt. Only those who are quick on their feet would stand a chance to meet A.J. Low, the author(s) of this amazing series of middle grade novels. And the Grand Prize is your very own Sherlock Sam Short Story written by the authors. And 100 dollars worth of Popular Vouchers.


So, kids, bug your parents to register. Head straight to this weblink and sign up!

A few pertinent details you might want to know as quoted from the Monsters Under the Bed sign up page:

This treasure hunt is open to children aged six and above. All teams will need to consist of a child and a grown-up (aged sixteen and above). The treasure hunt will have to be completed within twenty minutes. If teams take longer, they will be disqualified, so think and act quickly!

Each session will have a maximum of ten teams, and there will be three sessions per day. If your preferred timing is filled up, you can be placed on a waiting list in case someone drops out, but we suggest choosing a different session on the same day.

And now we can reveal the prizes!

Every team will get a Sherlock Sam notebook and badge!

The fastest teams from each session will also receive a LEGO Watson! Six LEGO Watson’s are up for grabs!

And the fastest teams from each day will also receive $100 worth of Popular vouchers! Plus, A.J Low will write a Sherlock Sam short story starring the winners! Two grand prizes are available, one per day!

So what are you waiting for, sign up now and join the treasure hunt!

2 Comments on [Singapore Writers Festival 2013] Sherlock Sam Treasure Hunt!

  1. It’s just wonderful to see a festival include children as part of the fun, Myra. I’m glad you shared about this!


  2. Cool! Wish I could go!


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