[Photo Journal/ Weekly Photo Challenge] Sea


It’s been awhile since I have joined the Weekly Photo Challenge meme. I simply could not resist the theme today: SEA as hosted by The Daily Post at WordPress. 

For quite awhile now, I have been sharing a number of sea photographs from Boracay, Philippines during my visit this summer for Frizztext’s A-Z Photo Story Challenge. I thought of coming up with a gallery of those photos to share with you all.

As I was reflecting on what the Sea means to me, I thought of Pablo Neruda. I figured that only he can capture how I feel about the waters.

Ode to the Sea by Pablo Neruda

Here on the island
the sea
and so much sea
it says yes, then no,
then no, no, no,
then yes, in blue,
in foam, with gallops,
it says no, again no.
It cannot stay still,
my name is sea, it repeats
while slamming against rocks
but unable to convince rocks,
with seven green tongues
of seven green dogs,
of seven green tigers,
of seven green seas,
it smothers rocks, kisses rocks,
drenches rocks
and slamming its chest,
repeats its name.
O sea, you declare yourself,
O comrade ocean,
don’t waste time and water,
don’t beat yourself up,
help us,
we are lowly
men of the shore,
we’re cold and hungry
and you’re the enemy,
don’t slam so hard,
don’t scream like that,
open your green trunk
and give all of us
on our hands
your silver gifts:
fish every day.

5 Comments on [Photo Journal/ Weekly Photo Challenge] Sea

  1. ay ang ganda naman. sana makapag Bora din ako. nakapag scuba diving na din ako di nga lang sa Bora pero ansaya nyan. 🙂


  2. huge fun, thanks!


  3. i wanna go to boracay again and again and again ^^ lovely.


  4. Beautiful photos of the sea. Makes me want to come visit. Loved the photos of you.


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